‘Must Have Hit a Nerve’: Evelyn Lozada Goes Ballistic After O.G. Seemingly Gets Under Her Skin About Ex-Husband Chad Johnson


The hits just kept on coming for Evelyn Lozada on Wednesday night’s “Basketball Wives.” After she managed to simmer down from CeCe Gutierrez, another clash immediately bubbled up with O.G.

The former Legends Football League cornerback exclaimed of Lozada’s ex-husband Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson,” Ochocinco wanted me! Ochocinco wanted me! … Ocho was in my DMs happy, boo! I’m your favorite athlete’s favorite athlete!”

In separate confessional scenes, O.G. claimed Ochocinco was coming after her in private messages on social media “so for you to call me ugly, what does that say about you?” Meanwhile, Lozada said of her ex, to whom she was married for just over 40 days after a domestic abuse incident led to divorce, “you can have him. I’m good.”

Addressing O.G. directly on the show, Lozada did not hold back.

“I got kids, I got family, I got A+ credit, I got a bomb motherf–king p—y,” she says making a vulgar gesture.

“That no one wants,” O.G. shoots back, not missing a beat.

“Your n—g will f–k it all motherf–king day!” Lozada responds of O.G.’s boyfriend, Kwame Alexander, continuing to make the vulgar movement while waving around her hips.

Lozada hasn’t discussed the clash online, but O.G. previously tweeted exchanges between her and Ochocinco dating from 2013.

Meanwhile, viewers of the show sounded off with their own thoughts on Lozada’s visceral reaction to O.G.’s dig about Johnson.

“That chad comment must have hit a nerve.”

“😂🤣🤣🤣 Evelyn bye! Cause NOOO … you done had a man from every team , Tiredd!!”

“Now Ev.. stop it.. No one should make you that upset where you have to start doing ratchet unladylike things. Don’t do that Ev!”

“Evelyn so corny! What is this? 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣🤣 I’m embarrassed for her! She’s the real goofy!”

“Sorry but Evelyn is wayyyyyyyy too old to be slapping her 🐱like that ok national TV. I would be so embarrassed if I was her daughter. Like come on mom…. really…. smh”

“Evelyn…memaw…you got kids with NO man! Not saying being a single mother is bad but your life ain’t in no better shape than a woman with a man with a career & no kids YET!!!! You collect child support & whatever Shaunie pays you for this show. Be quiet,” a fan said in part.

The season finale of “Basketball Wives” airs next Wednesday and will see Lozada take it upon herself to see whether Johnson was digging on O.G. in the way that they claimed.

“Kwame will know about these DMs because I’m posting them,” Lozada tells her co-stars of exposing O.G.’s boyfriend to the text exchanges.

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