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‘Why Is OG So Pressed?’: ‘Basketball Wives’ Fans Not Here for Shade Against Evelyn Lozada

OgomO.G.” Chijindu seems to seriously want to get under Evelyn Lozada’s skin, and she knows just what to do to trigger her “Basketball Wives” co-star.

The newly retired Legends of Football League player uploaded a brief video to her Instagram Story Sunday showing Lozada’s ex-husband Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson riding a skateboard.

“Look at my friend!” O.G. calls out from behind the camera. Among the texts she had splayed across the video was a hashtag saying, “#ImYourFavoriteAtheletesFavoriteAthelete” and “Is this why you mad tumbleweed!”

In the next slide, O.G. also shared a six-year-old tweet from Johnson in which he asked her, “How are you on the Best Coast?” after she told him, “What’s up, Skinny.”

In a text that seemed to be directed toward Lozada, O.G. wrote across the screenshot, “Keep it up honey and I will hurt your little heart.” At the bottom, O.G. added that she was “reunion ready” and seemed to imply she’ll rip through the gathering like a tornado.

Fans were largely not on O.G.’s side, however, as they questioned why the star was so pressed about Lozada.

“Why is Og so pressed? She needs to focus on those confessional looks out here looking a hot mess🙄”

“She obsessed at this point”

“All she does is talk s–t with her dry ass wigs”

“OG stop you doing too much .”

” TOEGI byeee 💅🏽 “

“Og is jus mad bc she be out here looking crazy it’s not Evelyn fault her toes keep sneezing outta her shoes.”

The last commenter may be onto something.

During a previous “Basketball Wives” episode, Lozada’s joke about O.G.’s footwear caught up to her. The former “Livin’ Lozada” star deemed her cast member “Toe-G” after noticing, “the f–king thumb out the front of her shoe!” 

“I’m mad at you, though. So I’m not gon’ laugh with you,” O.G. said to Lozada after learning about the moniker.

Lozada had been married to Johnson for a little over a month in 2012 when a domestic violence incident led to the end of their union. It’s not the first time one of Lozada’s co-stars has used the incident against her. When the star was clashing with Tami Roman, the reality star-turned-rapper accused Lozada of lying about her ex-husband headbutting her.

“You lied on Chad,” Roman said to Lozada last season. “Because you a fake ass b—-. You know you was fighting that man. You were having all kinda issues all along. But because the neighbors saw … now you wanna be the domestic violence spokesperson.”
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