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Evelyn Lozada Head Butt Wounds Revealed, Chad Released From Jail

Photos of Evelyn Lozada’s head butt wounds have been revealed with some rather suspicious timing. Meanwhile, Lozada’s ex Chad Johnson will be released from jail after apologizing to the judge for his disrespectful behavior.

It has been quite some time since Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson called it quits after a dispute ended with Chad being arrested for domestic violence back in August of 2012.

The reality star received a hard head butt that left her with a gruesome gash that required immediate medical attention.

Well as time moved on it seemed like both Evelyn and Chad were doing their best to work things out and let the ugly situation fall behind them, but we have all been hit with a graphic reminder of just how bad their scuffle really was.

TMZ has just published photos of the terrible wound just as Basketball Wives is about to start running their promotions for the upcoming season.

Nobody is sure when TMZ got their hands on the photos but it seems more than just a coincidence that now as the time the photos were made public – and we aren’t sure if this was a strategy put in place by TMZ, the Basketball Wives producers, or even Evelyn herself.

Either way, something seems a bit fishy about the timing.

Even more than just the timing is the debate over whether the photos should have been published at all.

“ is a journalist responsibility to inform the public,” one journalism major from UGA wrote on her Facebook status. “We knew the fight was bad. We knew she had to go to the hospital. Why did we need to see these terrible images?”

The Facebook post is just one of many complaints that domestic abuse should not be used as a publicity stunt.

“This sh** is getting so out of line,” one user tweeted along with a photo of Lozada’s injuries.

While the promotions haven’t hit the air just yet, if Evelyn’s selling point for next season is indeed the domestic violence with Chad (which we’re almost certain it will be) there will be some serious backlash about the publication of the photos.

Meanwhile, Chad’s behavior is still getting him in trouble but he might finally have an upside to things.

Just days ago he was locked up for violating probation and ruined his chance to get off the hook when he slapped his attorney’s butt in the courtroom.

The good news is he is finally humbling himself long enough to apologize to the judge and be released from jail.

“I just wanted to apologize for disrespecting the court last time,” he told Judge McHugh. “I apologize. I did have time to reflect on the mistakes I made in this courtroom.”

The apology was indeed enough to get him off the hook after all but he will certainly be under close watch from now on and hopefully he’ll be much more careful about his so-called “playful” antics.


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