‘She Gotta Go!’: Black Ink Crew Fans Defend Miss Kitty After She Gets Into Heated Altercation With Newcomer London

Black Ink Crew” viewers cheered on Miss Kitty as she brought out the claws on her new assistant, London.

The brand ambassador just lost her mother to lung cancer last episode and seemed to be in an uneasy mental space. She completely lost it on the new events coordinator who apparently couldn’t respect Kitty’s wishes to put work aside and commemorate her late mother.

Wednesday night’s drama-filled episode began when Kitty suggested she and the crew head to Memphis, Tennessee, to spread her mother’s ashes. Her ex, “Black Ink” owner Ceaser Emanuel, decided to come along on the trip for support and to scout out a new tattoo shop for his business. Kitty, however, insisted the trip was to celebrate her mom and not for work, which Emanuel agreed to.

Not long after the crew arrived in Memphis, the new events coordinator London asked if they would be looking at a possible new tattoo shop that day. Kit reminded the newcomer that it would happen after they got a chance to spread her mother’s ashes.

Miss Kitty
Miss Kitty (left) and London (right). (Photos: VH1 screen grabs)

Later, the crew decided to go out to dinner and London again asked when they would be going to look at the new potential “Black Ink” shop. Kitty became extremely upset and said in her confessional, “I told this girl that today is supposed to be about celebrating my mother and experiencing Memphis, but obviously she doesn’t get it because she’s still bringing it (work) up after I told her to stop talking about it.”

After London told Kitty that she was “there to work,” the brand ambassador yelled, “You here to do what I say to do. … If you ain’t here to help me celebrate my mom then you can get the f–k up out! You getting on my f–king nerves. That’s on my mother’s grave.”

Before London could finish her next sentence, Kitty decided to step outside and cool off before things got physical.

Black Ink” viewers applauded Kitty for checking London, all while trashing the newcomer online.

“Yooo that new girl gotta go! London Out Of Line, Kit Just Lost Her Mom, Have Some Respect, Because The Anger Kit Got In Her Right Now. So Chill London Bitch ‼️‼️, Love You @itskitsovain Praying For You Hun ❤️”

“Yasss Ms. Kitty dont play!!👏 Check that b–ch! London Kitty’s mother just died and she’s here to celebrate her you need to mind your own business”

“I don’t understand this young lady claims to be a psychologist, but she’s working for Black Ink as an assistant to Kitty? If that was true then she would have understood that trip was grieving process for Kitty and would have never brought up the topic of looking for another shop. Cleary she’s lying and what trained psychologist with a Masters would work for a tv show 🤥”

“I give kitty mad props lol I would have beat her ass then 🤦🏼‍♀️Lmao ,she needs to stay in her new girl lane 😂”

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