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‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans Say It’s Tatti’s ‘Karma’ After Boyfriend Teddy Ruks Flirts With New Girl Behind Her Back

Black Ink Crew” star Teddy Ruks appears to be in a sticky situation after his girlfriend Tatti caught him flirting with the shop’s new hire.

Ruks and Tatti made their relationship official last season after the “Black Ink” manager broke things off with his old flame Jadah Blue. Everything seemed to be going well for the couple until Ruks apparently got mad at Tatti and put his “playa” eye on the new tattoo artist Crystal, who was hired to work at the shop by his girlfriend.

Teddy Ruks

(from left( Teddy Ruks, Tatti, and Jadah Blue. (@tedddy_ruks, @blackinkcrew, and @therealjadahblue/Instagram)

On the March 20, episode, Ruks became upset with Tatti after she urged him to apologize to Alex Robinson, whom he jumped with his cousin Ceaser Emanuel last season. The manager felt his girlfriend was taking his enemy’s side and questioned her “loyalty.”

During a calendar photo shoot fundraiser for their colleague Walt, Ruks found himself in the presence of the new hire, who appeared to be slightly intoxicated at the time.

“What’s up, Crystal, you might break the camera with that cute smile of yours,” Ruks said. “I know you’ll definitely be one of the better looking months in the calendar.”

Teddy Ruks and Crystal. (Screengrab via VH1)

Before Ruks’ conversation with Crystal could go any further, Tatti walked up and asked what was “going on,” causing Ruks to smirk evilly.

“I see what we’re doing here,” Tatti said in her confessional. “So we’re just gonna flirt with the new girl behind my back because you don’t like when I tell you how I feel so now you’re gonna go get on some new chick?”

Fans, however, pointed out that former “Black Ink” employee Jadah Blue tried to warn Tatti last season that Ruks was going to dump her for the next new female hire who worked at the shop, like he’d done to her with Tatti. The VP seemingly refused to listen to Blue at the time, assured that her and Ruks’ relationship was solid.

Fast-forward to the upcoming March 27 episode, and previews depict Ruks apparently having dinner with Crystal behind Tatti’s back.

“Black Ink” viewers showed little sympathy toward Tatti apparently getting “dogged” by Ruks after how the couple treated Blue last season.

“That’s teddy for you 😂😂 sis got her karma for wut they did to jada she needs to call it quits!”

“Jadah tried to tell yo big head ass 🤦🏾‍♀️@therealjadahblue ‘I just don’t want you to be the next bitch to lose your job when a new bitch come in’ lmaooo oh well.”

“@therealjadahblue girl he about to replace Tatti just like you called would happen 🤣🤣 I knew it wouldn’t last long.”

“Teddy has no loyalty or commitment not a one woman man. I know @therealjadahblue somewhere in the comments happy.”

Blue herself commented on the latest episode with a smile and angel emoji, seemingly feeling avenged.

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