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‘Is She Feeding Herself Now?’: Kenya Moore’s Baby Girl Leaves Fans in Awe

It seems as if it was just yesterday that Kenya Moore welcomed daughter Brooklyn Daly into the world after a frightening delivery. Now, at 10 months old the baby is thriving and eating solid foods — including vegetables!

Moore uploaded a photo of the baby she shares with hubby Marc Daly to Brooklyn’s official Instagram page Thursday, and fans were left impressed by Brookie’s eating habits. Sitting in her high chair smiling with her few teeth showing, the baby seemed eager to consume peas and what appeared to be mangos and tomatoes in front of her.

kenya moore
Brooklyn Daly. (Photo: @thebrooklyndaly/Instagram)

“Breakfast! #10months,” read the caption on the Sept. 5 image uploaded by “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star.

In response, fans remarked about how stunned they were that Brooklyn Doris was already at the phase where she was able to eat on her own and seemed happy to eat veggies, too.

“Hi Brooklyn are you starting to feed his self he was so cute and growing up so fast”

“Wow! Is she feeding herself now too!? She’s gotten so big 💗”

“Yummy 😍😍😍 Big girl feeding herself 😍😍”

“I’ve never seen a baby so happy to eat greens😍😂❤️”

“Her mouth is full and always happy and smiling ❤️❤️❤️”

Feeding herself is just the latest milestone Brooklyn has reached. Previously, her “RHOA” star mom has bragged about her increasing swimming skills, crawling and bottle holding. By the end of August, Brooklyn was also showing off her ability to stand. Earlier that month, Moore even promised that Brooklyn had uttered her first word — and it wasn’t something simple like “mama” or “dada,” either.

“9 months!!! I can crawl, I have 2 more teeth coming up top and I’m pulling myself up! My first word is ‘neighborhood’ no one believes my mommy but I did say it!” read the caption of the August photo of Brookie.

While things are going well with little Brooklyn, a report has emerged that there could be trouble in her parents’ marriage.

“Kenya feels like she is doing all of the parenting in the relationship, and it is overwhelming for her,” an insider said to Radar Online of Moore, whose husband runs Brooklyn, New York, restaurant Soco. “She is really struggling being basically a single mom.”

A fan even remarked on the rumor under a recent photo Moore uploaded to her own Instagram account.

“@thekenyamoore Blogs are saying you and Marc are getting divorce hopefully this is just another rumor 🙏🙏 y’all make such a great couple and you have a beautiful baby,” the follower stated.

Moore has yet to respond to the concern.

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