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‘Her Expressions Are Priceless’: Kenya Moore’s Baby Girl Earns a 10 From Fans in Gymnastics Outing

It’s not just swimming lessons that Kenya Moore is having her baby girl take. Now “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star has her little one taking up gymnastics, to unexpectedly hilarious results.

On Instagram Wednesday, Moore uploaded a video of Brooklyn Doris Daly performing a risky stunt in which she stood in the palm of her gymnastics instructor’s hand. Brooklyn gripped two different balls in her own hands as she kept her balance.

“Go, Brooklyn! Go!” Moore said with a laugh in the July 31 clip.

Noting in the caption that her nearly 9-month-old was “#fearless” and a “#miraclebaby,” Moore did not address the seemingly smug look her daughter gave the instructor.

But fans did.

“Her expression ‘haven’t you got a harder game? I got this, sis!'”

“She looked back like ‘Like drop me if you want sus.’”

“She turned around like do something else to make my mommy proud.”

“Looking back 👀 Gurl don’t drop me 😆🤣🤣”

“Her expressions are priceless. She looking at her like ‘dats all you got??’”

“😍She looked back like alright now u better not let me fall🤣🤣🤣,” wrote Porsha Williams’ sister, Lauren.

Brooklyn last made waves — literally and figuratively — when she participated in swim lessons a couple of weeks ago. As Brookie sat on a floatation device in the pool, she looked back at the fellow swimmer behind her and gave her a quizzical expression. The face Brooklyn made looked a lot like the one she gave her gymnastics instructor this week.

“Hey girl let’s get this swimming thing down. I have a trip to the ocean coming up 👶🏽 ” Moore, who runs Brooklyn’s account, captioned the post.

Much like the most recent extracurricular post, fans eagerly reacted to Brooklyn’s expression.

“I just love her expression!!! Looking to cute !!!”

“Your Fabulous Fabulous FABULOUS Darling GONE WITH THE WIND FABULOUS!! Now Twirl! Twirl, Twirl! Brooklyn Daly bc you’re a cutie pie. Your are one of my favorite babies on IG you make me smile and makes my day!💕💕”

“Lil miss Personality, with cuteness overload ta boot.”

Fans who adore Brooklyn’s cuteness will see more of it on the 12th season of “RHOA.” Moore’s pregnancy and Brooklyn’s first moments did not play out on the series as the star “decided to take this season off to focus on my high-risk pregnancy in a healthy and drama free environment,” as she told The Daily Dish last fall.

But Moore has been spotted filming for the new season and even hosted a Barbie-themed party for Brooklyn that Bravo cameras were there to capture.

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