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‘She’ll be Walking Soon’: Fans Amazed to See Kenya Moore’s Baby Girl Crawling Before Their Eyes

It seems as if it was just yesterday that Kenya Moore revealed her newborn baby girl to the world. Now “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star’s little one is making strides by beginning to crawl.

Moore shared footage of Brooklyn Doris Daly crawling toward her mom’s Apple laptop as a musical video appeared to play. Brooklyn, who is 7 months old, is encouraged to keep moving toward the device as Moore drags it away from her.

“I crawl…when motivated👶🏽” the June 18 video was captioned.

Seeing the youngster crawl drew comments from more than 700 of her followers who were amazed by the baby’s progress.

“She is super adorable ❤️❤️ so smart… crawling already!”

“Yeeeesssssss Brooklyn,,, she’ll be walking soon…”

“You are doing awesome job with her. She is so cute. I’m waiting for her teeth , walking . 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽”

“Such a gentle, loving baby. Always smiling… Love seeing her progress. She and mummy are gonna be really tight. We’ll deserved mommie! Xxx.”

“oh gosh this means she gonna be walking before we know it 😩😍😍”

This is the first video footage fans have seen of Brooklyn, whose father is Moore’s restaurateur husband Marc Daly, crawling. A few days earlier, Moore shared some photos of her little one making her first attempts to become independently mobile.

“I’m on my knees trying to crawl! #babybrooklyn #miraclebaby,” the series of photos posted June 13 read. The baby, clad in just a bonnet and a diaper smiled a gummy grin as she tried crawling along the towel-lined pool chair. Her mom was right by her side in the same seat keeping a close watch.

Brooklyn starting to crawl is the newest milestone she’s reached. Earlier this month, Moore posted a photo of her baby smiling at her toes to reveal teeth coming in. The teething experience is one Moore briefly opened up about on a radio show in May.

“She’s such a sweet, happy baby, and to see her lip quivering and real tears come out, it just breaks your heart as a mother,” Moore said to “Dee Dee In the Morning.”

Before then, Brooklyn made strides by holding her own bottle in her hands at the age of 4 months. At the same age, she seemed to utter the word, “hi,” to her followers’ surprise.

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