‘It Definitely Was Malicious’: ‘Basketball Wives’ Fans Take Issue With Evelyn Lozada Making Jackie Christie Take Lie Detector Test

Jackie Christie‘s friendship with Evelyn Lozada may be questionable, but she definitely has a friend in CeCe Gutierrez.

Christie, who is planning to start her own podcast outside of the one she hosts with her retired NBA player husband Doug, explained to Gutierrez on Wednesday’s episode of “Basketball Wives” that Lozada strapped her up to take a lie detector test. Lozada had Christie do the polygraph after she was accused of feeding rumors about her skating rink fight with Malaysia Pargo and her family to the press.

“You shouldn’t be putting me through this, Ev,” Christie said tearfully when the test revealed Christie showed “a major sign of deception” when asked about Pargo.

Upon Gutierrez learning about the incident, the registered nurse deemed Lozada’s actions “malicious.”

“You don’t invite a girlfriend to come over and you walk in and there’s this big lie detector test with this professional sitting there about to hook up s–t to your body,” Gutierrez said.

While the statement seemed to take Christie by surprise, viewers instantly backed up Gutierrez’s assertion.

“Thank you cece… hell yeah Evilyn was being malicious.”

“CeCe is right. And to now know that Evelyn presented it like to girlfriends were linking and have that set up once she arrived is suspect. Jackie she’s not your friend never was.”

“It most definitely was malicious because why do you as a person feel entitled to pull a stunt like that?? I’m with Cece idk why Jackie didn’t walk out 🤦🏾‍♀️”

“CC speaking nothing but FACTS!!”

“Yesssssss CeCe owned this scene and spoke facts 👏🏾❤️”

“CeCe is right 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ if someone’s your friend they’ll believe you not set you up to be humiliated in front of the world.”

The discussion comes nearly a month after fans claimed that Christie was in need of friends on the VH1 series after footage surfaced of “The Jackie Christie Show” podcast host hanging with Ogom “O.G.” ChijinduJennifer Williams and Guitierrez.

“This is a desperate ass friendship 😭”

“Jackie hanging with the fake crew.”

“All the rejects!!! Minus Jackie Christie,🤪🥴”

“Lmfao look at my @jackiechristie yasssssss I swear these women been under your ass for seasons, they need a friend and storyline. Nobody f—ing with my Jackie!!! #thejackieshow.”

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