‘All the Rejects’: Jackie Christie Claps Back Against Idea She Needs Friends in ‘Basketball Wives’ Co-Stars

Footage of “Basketball Wives” stars Jackie Christie, Ogom “O.G.” Chijindu, Cece Gutierrez and  Jennifer Williams hanging out together has resulted in some bitter chatter among fans.

O.G., who is taking part in her second season of the show as season 8 continues filming, whipped out her camera and filmed herself and her “Basketball Wives” co-stars. The retired professional football player then posted it to Instagram July 6.

“My babes,” she said as she panned the camera to each of her fellow reality TV actresses.

However, the group wound up getting mocked by fans questioning why Christie was kicking it with women viewers deemed fake.

“Jackie hanging with the fake crew.”

“All the rejects!!! Minus Jackie Christie,🤪🥴”

“This is a desperate ass friendship 😭”

“When Fake & Messy B—hes Link Up 🗑!”

“Lmfao look at my @jackiechristie yasssssss I swear these women been under your ass for seasons, they need a friend and storyline. Nobody f—ing with my Jackie!!! #thejackieshow.”

Many have taken issue with O.G. and Gutierrez, the latter of whom told O.G. that Kristen Scott‘s husband Thomas Scott is “not a real Scott.” She spread the supposed family secret on last week’s episode that Scott was adopted by Guitierrez’s fiancé, former NBA star and Lakers coach Byron Scott. Guitierrez, meanwhile, maintained it was not a family secret.

As for Williams, she’s been on the outs with Evelyn Lozada since season 7 when she helped spread the rumor that Lozada slept with co-star and executive producer Shaunie O’Neal‘s ex-husband. Lozada has denied that and she recently got onto Williams for acting “like an a–hole” since the latter’s mother died in 2015.

But Christie felt the comments made her look as if she needed to make friends and did so with some of the least-liked stars of “Basketball Wives.”

In response, she wrote the following comment to make it clear she’s not desperate to make friends:

“Now see now y’all put me on some mo shi👀 I needs friends now?! WTH 🙃 oh ok. Long as you keep tuning in to #basketballwives on @Vh1 every weds at 8 pm I’ll let you think say and create rumors all you want 🤣🧡 #thefreindlesschic foh 🥃,” she wrote.

jackie christie

Fans readily backed up Christie, who had taken issue with their apparent assumption about her relations with the crew.

“@jackiechristie no worries, we love you!!! You don’t have to explain yourself to no one QUEEN!”

“Yasss Go Awwf Auntie 🔥🔥 🖕🏾 Da Haterz💯”

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