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‘Call Her Pediatrician, Not Run to Social Media’: Porsha Williams’ Request for Help With PJ’s Cold Met With Dissension as Fans Tear Into Troll

After a day of lounging in the pool with her parents, it looks like Porsha Williams‘ baby girl has contracted a cold. Relying on the knowledge of her Instagram followers like she has before, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star asked for help. But she was met with irritation from one fan.

“Awe poo has a lil cold😩 what kind of natural medicine or remedy do y’all use?” Williams captioned a photo of Pilar.

porsha williams
Pilar Jhena’. (Photo: @pilarjhena/Instagram)

Comments first began pouring out with a range of advice to treat soon-to-be-5-month-old’s cold.

“If you still have breast milk that’s all she needs medication wise. You can also run a humidifier. I’m going thru the same thing with my 4 month old.”

“Essential oils with humidifier and in her bath too ❤️ hope she feels better.”

“Zarbees baby cough and mucus works great!!”

But then a commenter demanded the reality star call up her doctor rather than relying on folks from social media to give her medical advice on her baby.

“Call her pediatrician and not run to social medial for her health.”

porsha williams

The remark was met with criticism from Williams’ fans.

“@yetta_hit_30 nobody needs to call a pediatrician for a damn cold. She can ask Mother’s what worked for them if she pleases. If it was something serious, I’m sure she would consult a physician,” someone replied.

“@yetta_hit_30 I’m sure she knows that just asking doesn’t hurt,” another person said.

Still, others echoed that sentiment and even backed up the user’s views.

“@yetta_hit_30 thank you for saying this because I was going to reply the same thing. Just looking at these comments. It clear half of these women don’t have kids and if they do I am scared for their children! At Pilar’s age she can’t have any kind of medicine at all unless it’s Tylenol for fever!” one IG user agreed.

“Some of these suggestions wow. Please ask your pediatrician not instagram.”


This is not the first time Williams has utilized the power of social media to get help in the aftermath of her pregnancy. After experiencing postpartum shedding, the reality star asked followers on PJ’s Instagram account what she can do to stop it.

“My edges have fallen out after childbirth!” she said in part back in July. “I heard it would happen but I didn’t think it would have snatched mine😩😩😰 What can I do to get them back guys??”

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