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‘The Baby Just Floating by Herself’: Porsha Williams’ #JokeFail Leaves Baby PJ All by Her Lonesome

Porsha Williams enjoyed some fun in the pool over the weekend with her family in celebration of her pal Lady T Ford’s son’s 1-year-old birthday party — perhaps too much fun. A practical joke quickly went awry when fans noticed Williams and fiancé Dennis McKinley let daughter Pilar Jhena’ get away from them.

It began when Williams had her sister Lauren film as “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star explained the trick she wanted to play on McKinley.

“So I’m gonna act like something’s in here and tell Dennis to look inside,” Williams explained Friday of a water bottle she held in her hands.

The “RHOA” star waded through the water toward her fiancé, who sat with his legs hanging in the pool as PJ lay in a flotation device that McKinley held onto. But when Williams walked over, McKinley let go. As PJ floated away, McKinley managed to thwart his fiancée’s trick and spew the water in her face as he squeezed the bottle. She returned the joke, managing to wrangle PJ back before the little one started to rock around in the pool.

“Gotta b quicker than that 🤦🏾‍♀️😂 #JokeFail *background: My brother @lorenzos___atl being aggy while @lodwill filming , @shameamorton looking confused in background 😂, Bales adorable laughing and swimming & Pj unbothered float away😂😂,” Williams explained in the August 16 video’s caption.

Fans quickly noticed Pilar floating away and hilariously remarked about it in the comments.

“Baby floating off into the sunset lol”

“Pj just politely floated away 😂😂”

“The baby just floating by herself.”

“@meme_and_poppy lmao somebody go get that child!” someone replied.

“@meme_and_poppy I thought it was only me worried about the baby,” said another.

“The baby just floating like Moses in the basket!”

It’s the first time in a while that fans have seen Williams and McKinley together with their daughter. The pair recently went public with their reunion and made it official by co-hosting “Dish Nation” together last week.

“We’re taking it one day at a time. We’re working on it,” the reality star said August 6 ahead of her couples co-hosting gig.

The pair supposedly split up in June following just about a year of being engaged, the proposal of which was shown on season 11 of “RHOA.” A month prior, a vlogger by the name of Tasha K. alleged, citing unidentified sources, that McKinley, the owner of The Orginal Hot Dog Factory in Atlanta, had cheated on Williams. The reality star never spoke out about the allegations, but McKinley prepared to sue.

But he and Williams soon split regardless, and whatever the true reason was behind it remained unclear. But what was obvious is that Williams was no longer wearing the six-figure rock McKinley gave her.

Yet it turned out that the breakup was brief. McKinley appeared on the “RHOA” cast trip to Toronto for Caribana earlier this month and is said to have proposed to Williams all over again.

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