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‘A Full-Grown Snack’: Malaysia Pargo Leaves Fans Salivating Over Her Figure

Malaysia Pargo says she’s looking forward to the next year on her birthday and while she does, fans are looking at her curvy figure.

The star of VH1’s “Basketball Wives” appears to have trekked to Bali for her 39th birthday on August 12, and as she romped around in her bamboo hut, she looking good while doing it.

“Next chapter…🙏🏾” Pargo captioned one of the images she uploaded to Instagram Monday wearing a crochet dress.

malaysia pargo
Malaysia Pargo. (Photo: @malaysiainthecity/Instagram)

Fans adored the photo of Pargo, rocking butt-length blond ombré braids and a red lip, as she walked up the stairs and looked behind her.

“Damn I see you!!! Looking like a full grown snack!!!”


“I’m loving her thickness..🔥🔥🔥🔥”

“Stunning # my opinion # don’t take it wrong # she. A Queen👑”

However, even on her birthday, Pargo couldn’t escape some negativity.

Some commenters noticed the star, who had earlier this year made waves for slimming down, had appeared to flaunt a more full-figured appearance.

“Your getting to big you need to slim down.”

“@malaysiainthecity yov gained so much weight.”

Typically, however, Pargo’s curves leave fans tantalized in the best way possible. The reality star managed to do just that with a brief yet effective video she uploaded to Instagram in late July. Casually spraying sunscreen on her bronzed body, which was covered in a skimpy swimsuit, the camera slowly panned up from her high-heel covered feet, legs and toward her ample bosom.

No caption was needed as Pargo looked away from the camera with her hair placed around her shoulder. And fans also didn’t need a caption to get the picture, either.

“I just dropped my phone.”

“Lord have mercy! God is my shepherd, and he knows what I want! 🔥🔥🔥”

“Yea…. you are SOOOOOOOO wrong for this! Whatever! I wish there was an eyeroll emoji. 😆😆😆😍”

“Okayyyyy @malaysiainthecity come thruuuuuuuuu boo”

“Good googly moogly 😍”

While Pargo heats things up on IG, she’s largely been staying out of the drama so far this season on “Basketball Wives.” It’s a far cry from how the reality star wanted to “take the penitentiary chances” and go after co-star Jennifer Williams, getting fed up with her apparent dishonesty.

The irritation reached such heights that Pargo flipped a table at the outdoor eatery the entire cast visited while in Amsterdam. Security kept Pargo and Williams apart but they managed to get hurt in the process, Williams later disclosed on “The Breakfast Club.”

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