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‘I Just Dropped My Phone’: Malaysia Pargo Lotioning Up Has Followers Tantalized

Malaysia Pargo certainly knows how to get her Instagram followers hot and bothered.

As she continues to soak up the warm weather this summer, the star of VH1’s “Basketball Wives” heated things up online by showing off her curve-bearing swimwear as she applied some sunscreen.

The brief footage, which was soundtracked to Nicki Minaj’s “Megatron,” sees a heels-wearing Pargo standing with one foot up as she sprays on the protective lotion. As the star shields herself from the sun, a camera pans up past her legs, thighs, hips and flat belly before going over her full cleavage and toward her sunglasses-clad face. Keeping the focus firmly on her figure, Pargo decided to wear her hair in a side-swept wet and wavy style.

For anyone curious, Pargo shared that her purple and pink zebra-printed swimwear is from Icon Swim. Specifically, it’s the brand’s Rhea swimsuit.

Fans loved the look and happily made their feelings known in the comments section.

“Yesssss MA’AM 😍😍”

“Lord have mercy! God is my shepherd, and he knows what I want! 🔥🔥🔥”

“Okayyyyy @malaysiainthecity come thruuuuuuuuu boo”

“Good googly moogly 😍”

“Yea…. you are SOOOOOOOO wrong for this! Whatever! I wish there was an eyeroll emoji. 😆😆😆😍”

“I just dropped my phone.”

Pargo is never afraid to show off her figure. The reality star has made it a habit of putting her curves on display for her followers.

Just days ago, Pargo shared a photo of herself in a cap-sleeved short denim dress and white sneakers. Rocking sunglasses and a small pink crossbody bag, Pargo enjoyed an ice cream cone.

“Think sweet,” she captioned the post.

Fan remarked about how the star was practically bursting out of her dress.

“I see you got your twins out today looking good.”

“So damn fine.”

“Just busting thru I see.” 

A week earlier, Pargo wore a more revealing outfit: distressed high-waisted denim short shorts and a long-sleeved yellow crop-top.

Fans happily raved about that look, too.

“Dmmmn SLAYsia.”

“U are a real ebony queen 👸.” 

“Thick in the sunset 🌅 @malaysiainthecity.”

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