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‘Tami Wrote This Line’: Tami Roman Fans Are Cracking Up At a Clip of the Actress Laughing On ‘The Ms. Pat Show’ After Cast Member Calls Evelyn Lozada a ‘D-List’ Celebrity

“The Ms. Pat Show” may have returned for its third season earlier this month, but a certain scene featuring Tami Roman has fans discussing her previous beef with her long-time frenemy, Evelyn Lozada.

(left) Tami Roman (Photo: @tamiroman/Instagram) (right) Evelyn Lozada (Photo: @evelynlozada/Instagram)

A TikTok user whose handle is @kingshak211 uploaded a 35-second clip from the show’s ninth episode titled, “Pills & Chills.”

During the scene, fans can see Ms. Pat and her husband, Terry Carson, played by J. Bernard Calloway, discussing the possibility of her becoming famous if she accepts a job offer. 

In the midst of their discussion, the couple’s son, Junebug, portrayed by actor Theodore Barnes, interrupted and told his mother, “I mean this time next year, you could be on the D-list, Ma. Look at Evelyn Lozada.” 

While gasps and laughter exuded from the live studio audience, the TikTok user zoomed in on Roman’s face showing her nearly breaking out of character. The 52-year-old’s initial stern stare quickly turned into a chuckling smirk as she attempted to hold in her laugh. 

The clip was then re-posted on Twitter, where it received a large amount of notice from fans who found amusement in Roman’s reaction. 

“Lmao she almost broke character she definitely didn’t know.” 

“Tami wrote this line- akskaosisisisii.”

“And she laughing in the background. Chile it’s a mess.”

Although it’s unclear if Barnes’ line was scripted or improvised, it is clear that Roman got a kick out of his line.  

Roman and Lozada’s on-again/off-again friendship was highlighted throughout their time on VH1’s popular reality show, “Basketball Wives.”

The “Haus of Vicious” actress joined the cast during the second season in 2010, where she and Lozada seemed to have built a solid friendship. 

However, their relationship came to a screeching halt after the 47-year-old confessed that she had a sexual relationship with Roman’s ex-husband, Kenny Anderson, while he and Roman were still married. 

This led to an intense argument where Lozada called Roman a “non-mother f—–g factor,” prompting Roman to pop her in the face during a sit-down.

From then on, the two have made several attempts, with the help of Shaunie Henderson, to mend their issues and begin on a clean slate, but their inability to trust each other ultimately became the main factor in their friendship’s demise. 

One of the last face-to-face arguments between Roman and Lozada happened in 2018 during “BBW’s” season 8 reunion. Their intense verbal battle ended with Roman challenging Lozada to fight mid-reunion and leaving the show. 

Since then, Roman has disassociated herself from Lozada, Henderson, and the entire “BBW” franchise.

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