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‘They’re Both Grown’: Jazz Anderson Gives Little Insight Into Where Her Mom Tami Roman Stands with Evelyn Lozada

Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada have noticeably been keeping their distance from each other on “Basketball Wives” this season. As fans have peeped their current lack of a relationship, one dared to ask Roman’s daughter about their status.

Jazz Anderson, Roman’s youngest daughter, hosted a Q&A on her Instagram Story Monday and tackled a question about where her mother and Lozada currently stand.

“Can your Mom and Evelyn be cool again?” the fan asked.

“I’m not them so I can’t say but I can say they’re both grown and can not like each other without being beefed up (which they’re not). I do it all the time with females 😩 its a part of being an adult. You can choose not to be around someone without speaking on them, bashing them etc. After the reunion I doubt they’ll be in the same vicinity.”

Fans reacted in praise of Anderson’s adult way of looking at the situation.

“Period so mature tami our here raising queens 🙌🏾🙌🏾”

“Jazz is mature and that’s a beautiful answer! I know a certain someone’s daughter would probably say her Tami is nothing without her 🤣🤣🤣”

“She’s very mature!”

“This is the result of a child who comes from a real and mature mom that actually has a job. Not ‘WHo Is ShE WiThOuT YoU’ offspring 🙄”

Roman and Lozada have been on the outs since season 7 when Roman was one of the cast members who spread a rumor that Lozada had slept with co-star and executive producer Shaunie O’Neal‘s ex. Roman and Lozada, who denied hooking up with O’Neal’s man, traded fierce barbs at one another afterward. Roman took aim at Lozada’s abusive marriage to Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson and Lozada slammed Roman’s weight.

Roman has remained mum on her relationship with Lozada but noted during the season 8 premiere that she wasn’t keen on informing her cast members that she got married because “I don’t know who will be genuinely happy, who would really care.”

Meanwhile, when asked directly if she and Roman were cool during a stop on “The Breakfast Club” in March, Lozada answered tersely, “no.”

Lozada and Roman got off to a rocky start when the latter joined “Basketball Wives” in 2010 and confronted Lozada about messing with her ex-husband, former NBA point guard Kenny Anderson. But Lozada maintained during her radio interview this past spring that she never felt like she was pals with Roman after that point.

“I kinda just felt like this is a show and we only see each other during the show,” she said. “We never hung out outside of the show. It was just always a show thing. Unless it was a ‘Basketball Wives’ — we’re doing promotion — we never hung out.”

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