Tami Roman Reveals Why She Kept Marriage to Reggie Youngblood a Secret

The season premiere of “Basketball Wives” Wednesday confirms news that leaked earlier this month: Tami Roman and Reggie Youngblood are officially husband and wife.

The “Bonnet Chronicles” creator took her new spouse to a scuba gear store on the first episode of season 8 and confirmed she is indeed a married woman.

“I finally married Reggie! Yes, your girl is a wife,” Roman says during a confessional scene. “Reggie’s been asking me to marry him for a very long time and every single time I’ve said no. I thought I wasn’t enough for him. But I did some soul-searching and I realized this man loves me, I love him, we are soulmates. I finally said yes, and I’ve never been happier.”

It appears the pair got married in secret as Roman and Youngblood took a break from buying diving equipment for a return trip to the Cayman Islands to hash out a plan for their double date with Doug and Jackie Christie.

“We’re not!” Roman says when Youngblood tries to discuss how they can reveal the news to the fellow couple. “I don’t want those girls in my business. That’s why I don’t wear a ring, babe!”

The star of “Saints and Sinners” further explained her reasoning for keeping her nuptials a secret in a confessional scene. In essence, it boiled down to a lack of trust in her cast mates.

“I feel like I don’t really need to disclose that I’m married because I don’t know who will be genuinely happy, who would really care,” she explains. “Rather than go through all those emotions and figure out who’s real and who’s not, I’ll just keep the s–t to myself.”

Regardless, the cat was out of the bag by June 5, 2019, when reports emerged that Roman and Youngblood had obtained a marriage license last year on August 17. The couple quickly got hitched, as a marriage certificate was said to have been issued on the very same day.

Even still, Roman had been mum on whether or not she had changed her mind and decided to give marriage another shot with her longtime beau. The switch comes after last season concluded with Roman deciding that despite having Jackie help organize the perfect proposal, she would not wed her boyfriend.

“If I don’t go through with having this baby, I don’t want him to resent me,” Roman, who has had three miscarriages, explained in a season 7 episode. “I don’t want to travel that road with Reggie.”

Now that the secret is finally out, Roman’s fans have been congratulating her online.

“🔥🔥🔥 Congratulations @tamiroman what a way to keep y’all secret love it!!! I’s married now💍”


“Congrats Tami and Reggie! You guys rock!”

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