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‘Issa Storyline’: Porsha Williams Says She, Dennis McKinley Are Taking It Slow as Fans Question Breakup

Porsha Williams is addressing her relationship status with rumored ex-fiancé Dennis McKinley after he was spotted by her side during her recent trip to Toronto.

Williams ventured to the city for the annual Caribana event last week and posted a video of her with the father of her daughter, Pilar Jhena’, on her Instagram Story.

“This is Dennis before, I’ll show you Dennis after,” Williams said standing in front of her beau as she shows her followers how he looks before partaking in alcoholic beverages.

Seeing that footage and another photo of Williams caressing McKinley’s face with a ring-clad hand had fans speculating. By Tuesday night, Williams addressed it on “Dish Nation.”

“We’re taking it one day at a time. We’re working on it” she says August 6 as she wears her 13-carat ring.

Williams also confirmed she did not take him to Canada with her, rather, McKinley booked his own flight and joined her.

One thing Williams did not address, however, was the reason behind the couple’s reported split two months ago. At the time, rumors bubbled up that McKinley was unfaithful, something he steadfastly denied.

Meanwhile, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans are having mixed reactions to the couple’s reconciliation.

Many have accused Williams and McKinley of splitting up all for the upcoming 12th season of the Bravo series.

“Issa storyline.”

“Just some publicity. I think they were paid by bravo for ratings. I haven’t watched the RHOA for years. All that mess is fake. She needed a story line because who wants to watch people loving each other (i do). Reality tv isn’t reality. 😋 Drama drama drama nothing more or less. Drama.”

“Yasss cmon season 12 storyline!🙌🏾”

“I’m sorry this was for storyline purposes because what else does porsha has going on she already had the baby so she couldn’t milk that no more I find it convenient that they started having problems once the cameras started going.”

Yet others were kinder, applauding PJ’s parents for working things out and becoming a family again.

“Don’t let nobody brake you guys up Stay and work it out like Gary said because nobody is perfect !”

“Working on it with the ring on I love it”

“She never did say they were separated it’s the media never did dish nation, it was only the our media because she took her ring off, I am glad and happy for her daughter keep your family girl they are more important than anything else.”

Williams and McKinley began dating last summer and confirmed the “RHOA” star was expecting in September 2018, months after rumors swirled that she had a bun in the oven. Then, by October, the pair announced they were engaged.

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