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‘Stay Out of the Messy Mess’: Jennifer Williams’ Post Hijacked by Fans Giving Their Two Cents on the Show

A post that Jennifer Williams made on Instagram Wednesday was meant to show off some new extensions and playful hairclips she sported, but fans took things in another direction upon watching “Basketball Wives” that night.

“The platinum life… Thank you to @extensionsplus for my hair, ❤️ it. @hunigold @_candacejackson always come thru with the glam. I love my hair clips from @frockthem 💎,” Williams captioned the July 31 photo set.

jennifer williams
Jennifer Williams. (Photo: @jenniferwilliams/Instagram)

Initially, fans piled on complimentary remarks about Williams’ appearance.

“Jennifer you look beautiful.”

“Nobody does it better ❤️❤️❤️”

“Oooooh love hair clips”

But things took a turn once fans caught the newest episode of the VH1 series and had a problem with the way she inserted herself in an issue cast member O.G. had concerning a diss track that newbie Feby Torres recorded.

As the ladies prepared to gather to watch the burgeoning rapper’s video, Williams pulled O.G. to the side and showed her a video where Torres insults her and mentions the diss track. Williams also gave the retired professional football player a heads up about the song in question.

The information led to a confrontation between O.G. and Torres, who promptly denied writing a song about her. Instead, she said it was a tune about people who wear fake clothes — something O.G. has contended with before, thanks to Torres.

Fans were not happy about Williams’ involvement.


Another fan replied, “i was rooting for her..WHY? Lord, WHY would she butt into someone else’s BS. I thought she was focusing on being better this is gonna start some new bs.🤦‍♀️”

“Jen please stay out of the messy-ness! You should’ve never went to OG, with any info given to you…Periodt! Stop being a trouble maker and just work on your friendship cause at the rate your traveling if you keep it up it’s going to get a lot worst than it is or was!”

“Jennifer you are a beautiful woman, but such a you know what starter.”

Elsewhere, Williams has also been inundated with warnings from fans about resuming a friendship with estranged pal Evelyn Lozada. Williams and Lozada had been on the outs since season 7 when Williams had a hand in spreading a rumor that Lozada slept with Shaunie O’Neal‘s ex. Then the pair’s relationship splintered even further when Lozada claimed Williams made disparaging remarks about her daughter, Shaunice, who saw Williams as an aunt.

But while the two seem to have buried the hatched for the most part, fans believe Williams should not let her guard down.

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