‘Watch Your Back’: Jennifer Williams Warned by Fans Not to Trust Evelyn Lozada After the Two Hug, Make Up

After nearly coming to blows on “Basketball Wives” Wednesday night, Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada had an emotional moment that saw Williams finally offer up an apology for what she said to her friend.

After Lozada had enough of Williams’ past disparaging remarks about her daughter, Shaunice, she took aim at her onetime friend, tossing a drink her way as security kept her from pulling Williams. The incident made for a tense dinner among the cast as they continued their trip in San Diego, California.

“We’ve known each other too long to be doing this,” Williams told Lozada the following day as the two talked in the kitchen. “What happened yesterday was bad. I just want to take accountability for anything I may have said about Shaunice that may have been negative, that was viewed as negative and apologize to you and Shaunice.”

Williams said she also sent an apologetic message to Shaunice, whom Lozada said had considered Williams to be an aunt. As Lozada’s eyes welled with tears, Williams got up and hugged her. The two shared a long embrace and Williams told Lozada, “I don’t want to fight with you. I love you and I’m sorry.”

Drying her tears, Lozada, who is admittedly very protective over both her children, told Williams she appreciated her apology. In a confessional scene, she expressed doubt that she and Williams would ever become as close as they were before, but she was willing to work on things.

The moment had some fans feeling emotional.

“Omg I’m crying my girls are close now again @jenniferwilliams @evelynlozada.”

“I’m glad these to made up😍❤️”

“Hope it lasts ♥️”

Yet others were wary. They felt the stars’ embrace was insincere and warned Williams against befriending Lozada again.


“Jennifer is a damn fool I wouldn’t couldn’t never ever be friends with someone like Evelyn.”

“NOOO Jen, watch your back Jen!! A snake don’t change overnight!!😒”

“That’s not an apology from the ❤️ sorry @evelynlozada I have always defended you and always bless you even I haven’t even received a like all this years. But you forgetting THIS WOMAN like this with a fake apology? Nah ha🙄”

Lozada and Williams’ issues began at the end of last season when Williams was confronted about allegedly saying Shaunice was fast and a latchkey kid. Lozada effectively washed her hands of her longtime friend and the two have been estranged for the first half of the current season. Now, it remains to be seen how long their apparent ceasefire lasts.

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