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‘Lying Goat’: O.G. Goes Ham on Evelyn Lozada After She Accuses Her of Wearing Knockoff Louis Vuitton Shirt

Fed up with Evelyn Lozada, Ogom “O.G.” Chijindu has taken to Instagram to prove that her “Basketball Wives” co-star’s accusation that her Louis Vuitton shirt is inauthentic is false.

The claim got put on the forefront during the most recent episode of the VH1 series when newbie Feby Torres told Jackie Christie and Malaysia Pargo that Lozada called out O.G.’s designer top for being a fake.

“She posted it on Instagram and said that this was a vintage Louis Vuitton shirt,” Lozada said rather quietly.

“Evelyn, she contacted her Louis Vuitton girl and was like, ‘no, that’s not real,” Torres told the group of a private conversation she had with Lozada, whose LV contact supposedly worked for the fashion brand for 20 years.

Seeing the exchange sent O.G. straight to her closet to show off the top and post several clips on her Instagram Story Wednesday, July 17, to prove the shirt is the real deal.

“Selfmade and buy you own s—,” read a caption plastered over a video of O.G. talking about how “disgusting” it is that Lozada and Torres — or “people,” as she put it — “have to lie about you to feel better about themselves.”

“You get to keep the receipts 😫🤣,” the caption read on. “You lying goat 😘💰😂.

As the video of O.G. pulling out supposed $36,000 receipts for her purchase rolled on, another caption read, “Cheh! Jealousy is a hell of a disease. Good try tho I work hard babe. Real jobs, no blow jobs.”

The final piece of footage was a shot of the sweater hanging up on a Louis Vuitton hanger with a caption describing it.

“Half and half monogram crewneck XS smooches,” it read as O.G. uttered a vulgar dig toward Lozada.

Fans who caught the episode and O.G.’s evidence immediately sounded off online.

Some sided with the former “Basketball Wives” newbie and claimed Lozada was lying.

“Ev didn’t want her to say that on camera cause she was just talking shit aka lying 😂😂😂😂😂😂”

“They are so petty and trying to damn hard. Evelyn and Feby just mad because they have to have a💰bag baby to get a shirt. lol”

“Then Evelyn lied with her pressed ass why wouldn’t she be able to buy Louie.”

Others called out O.G. and outright dissed her.

“I kinda like OG, however I have spotted numerous replica items she wear. Example, last nights episode she was sporting a fake LV Speedy at Tami’s marriage announcement.”

“OG can’t dress.”

“Og is delusional. How you have official receipts and packaging for a ‘Vintage’ Louis Sweater 🙃 girl just post the vendor and call it a day.”

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