‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Phor Everim Confirms He’s Split with Nikki Nicole

Black Ink Crew: Chicago” co-star Phor Everim confirmed he and hairstylist Nikki Nicole are no longer together.

The tattoo artist and his girlfriend were together for the last two seasons of the VH1 reality show, but their relationship has apparently come to an end. Both “Black Ink” stars have deleted several photos of modeling together on Instagram. In one of Everim’s recent pictures, a fan speculated that he and Nicole broke up.

(photo credit: Phor’s Instagram)The person wrote, “I defo feel like him and Nikki have broken up and im heart broken.”

Everim replied back, “We r.”

Fans flooded the Chicago rapper’s comment section and shared their opinions on his breakup with Nicole.

“I knew it soo sad.”

“I feel like yall will be back together yall love is real u can see it thru the screen ❤️.”

“Oh nooo I hope y’all work it out.”

“It’s ok to b in love great looking couple but abuse is abuse no matter who is doing it run forest u deserve better dont b nobody punching ❤️.”

“Young fella you made a mistake but she made a few as well assaulting you a couple times as well. I hope y’all get back together. N learn from the mistakes yall looked good together.”

Everim and Nicole ended the season on shaky grounds after the model busted the tattoo artist sending reverse “peen pics” to other women. Everim tried to justify his actions by saying he was trying to have a threesome, but Nicole wasn’t buying it.

Many fans felt the model was extremely abusive towards the “Black Ink” artist and were happy the pair went their separate ways.

“I’m not surprised he was creepin’, Nicki was a horrible girlfriend and borderline abusive.”

“I seen this coming she was just way too immature acting like a kid will not keep a man.”

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