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‘Already?’: Fans Stunned That Porsha Williams’ Baby Girl Has Gotten Old Enough to do This

At 4 months old, it seems Porsha Williams’ baby girl has hit her stride. Not long after “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star’s daughter Pilar Jhena’ began holding her own bottle, it now seems that she’s gotten the hang of rolling over, too.

“Roll over, roll over, roll over, ” Williams chants in an Instagram video she posted Sunday, July 29. As she continued to encourage her daughter to get from on her back and onto her tummy, she said, “Come on, boo-boo. Come on, boo-boo. You got it!” Then, when PJ finally made it to her belly, her mom cheered, “Yay, boo-boo! Yay, mama! Yay, boo-boo!”

“ROLLLLL OVERRRRR! @pilarjhena #4Months She rolls like a champ now!” Williams added in the video’s caption.

Fans responded by showering PJ, whom Williams shares with ex-fiancé Dennis McKinley, with praise.

“Oh wow! Go PJ❤️💕”


“She’s a determined little something! 😍”

Some were stunned that Pilar had already mastered the art of rolling over.

“Already.. geesh”

“Cousin why it seem like you just had her last week @porsha4real 😭😭❤️❤️”

“No way!!! That’s amazing 🤗”

“She’s rolling already !!!!! 😊wow she’s making room for a brother or sister ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😊”

This is the latest milestone Pilar Jhena’ has reached. The little one was seen holding her own bottle as early as 3 months old, even beating Williams’ pal Kenya Moore’s baby to making that achievement.

“My baby already tryna hold her bottle! #10weeks 😩💖🍼 @pilarjhena #Motherhood #MyZen,” Williams wrote of a pic of her feeding PJ back in June. The next month, when PJ turned 4-months-old, her former betrothed, McKinley, posted a photo of the same “achievement,” as he put it on Instagram.

“I don’t know if holding her bottle at 4months is an achievement or not but I’m one proud papa! Happy 4months @pilarjhena good job mommy,” McKinley, who was formerly engaged to Williams, wrote on Instagram July 22.

While Williams is enjoying watching her baby’s developments, she’s not worried about going hard in the gym to get back into her pre-baby shape. The “RHOA” star has firmly embraced her “mommy rolls” and recently shared on Instagram that she’s not in a rush to lose the extra pounds she gained during her pregnancy.

“I have def been taking my time when it comes to loosing my baby weight!” she said in part on Instagram last week. “I’m big on enjoying every step of this experience and I didn’t want to cloud it with worrying about my size. I have thoroughly been enjoying motherhood and making Pj priority number one!”

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