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‘An Accomplishment’: Porsha Williams’ Ex-Fiancé Shares Image of Baby Girl Holding Her Own Bottle

Porsha Wiliams’ daughter with ex Dennis McKinley is officially 4 months old and on her birthday, Pilar Jhena’s dad shared a milestone moment.

“I don’t know if holding her bottle at 4months is an achievement or not but I’m one proud papa! Happy 4months @pilarjhena good job mommy,” McKinley, who was formerly engaged to Williams, wrote on Instagram July 22.

pilar jhena'
Pilar Jhena’. (Photo: @workwincelebrate/Instagram)

Accompanied by the caption is an ultra-close-up photo of PJ bubbling at the mouth with her lips close to her bottle, gripping the top of it in her tiny hands.

Fans in the comments assured the “proud papa” that Pilar holding the bottle all on her own is absolutely an achievement.

“It’s all an accomplishment! 💕”

“Be proud at all milestones😘😘😘”

“Yess! Definitely an achievement! It’s great eye-hand coordination! Go Pilar🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾”

“That’s an achievement 😍my daughter didn’t like to hold her bottle until 12months, she didn’t want to😃, she figured it was easier for us to hold it for her🤷🏽‍♀️”

“Be proud of any and everything.❤️❤️❤️”

“Achievement is great congratulations the older people always say she’s moving out way for more..level up🙏🏽”

This is actually not the first time PJ has been seen holding up her own bottle during feeding time, however.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Williams uploaded a photo of her baby girl doing the same thing back in June before PJ was even 3 months old.

“My baby already tryna hold her bottle! #10weeks 😩💖🍼 @pilarjhena #Motherhood #MyZen,” Williams captioned the image of her little one crossing that achievement off her list at a little over 2 months old.

Like some commenters said Monday, several mentioned that PJ’s reaching that benchmark — which typically occurs between the 6- to 10-month mark, but can happen sooner — means she’s making way for a younger brother or sister.

“She’s making room for the next one! #TeamPorshaAndDennis 😂😂😂😍”

“Is she moving out the way for another?”

“Take it from me a mother of four when they start doing those things early they are just moving out of the way for the next one and I have two 11 months apart.”

But no matter what the old wives’ tale says, PJ is not likely to be getting a younger sibling any time soon — at least not from Williams and McKinley together. The pair have reportedly been split up since June, a month after rumors swirled that McKinley had been unfaithful. However, he denied stepping out on his former fiancée.

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