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‘Mommy Rolls’: How ‘RHOA’ Star Porsha Williams Is Embracing the Imperfections of Mothering Baby Pilar

Porsha Williams is loving the little moments of motherhood and she’s not afraid to show it.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star uploaded footage to her Instagram Story Thursday cuddling with 2-month-old Pilar Jhena’.

In one part, Williams wrote, “She didn’t want milk or toys she only wanted cuddles. Feels good to be wanted. 🥺😊”

porsha williams
Pilar Jhena’ (left) and Porhsa Williams. (Photo: @porsha4real/Instagram)

Williams shared a photo cuddling with her baby and captioned it, “Mommy rolls and baby fat,” firmly embracing the flaws of motherhood by showing her body isn’t quite as slim as it used to be.

porsha williams
Porhsa Williams holds Pilar Jhena’ (right). (Photo: @porsha4real/Instagram)

And it’s not the first time the TV star has embraced the imperfections of motherhood. Soon after PJ was born, Williams showed off a makeup-free selfie where her hair was undone and she embraced her little one.

“I officially don’t care what I look like,” she said on the Instagram Story photo in April. “She is the end all be all lol #obsessed #PjsWorld.”

She also added the hashtag, #newNormal.

porsha williams
Porhsa Williams (left) holds Pilar Jhena’ (right). (Photo: @porsha4real/Instagram)

Both moments follow Williams’ heated private-turned-public text exchange with Nene Leakes that resulted in the fellow “RHOA” star taking aim at Williams’ weight. When the star recently became a new mom, Leakes slammed her as a “big piggy with the busted shape.” The text was sent after Leakes took issue with Williams implying on “RHOA” that her one-time “big sis” put hands on the then-pregnant star.

Williams made the text public after Leakes gave her own take on the alleged assault, which occurred after Williams entered Leakes’ closet against her wishes during the “Bye Wig” party.

“This is what my so called ‘Big sis’ sent me lastnight 6 days after giving birth. @neneleakes is so miserable and ain’t happy for nobody,” Williams said in her since-deleted Instagram caption explaining the thread. “It’s not a contest I’m just living my life and being blessed. Yes I posted this since you wanna go on live and speak on me yet again talk & about these text I figured I’d let them see for themselves! #FatShamingANewMomShameOnYou #NonsupportiveEdgelessbird #IsThisYourQueen?”

The moment came back to bite Leakes because a video of her greeting fans at her suburban Atlanta boutique in April had many remarking on the unflattering outfit that she wore.

“I love you nene but baybayyyyy you have no room to call Porsha fat. periodt.”

“U got some nerve talkn bout @porsha4real body!! Girl have u looked in the mirror lately Nene cuz u have no room to talk love. Ur SpongeBob SquarePants pants down!! For u to fat shame a pregnant person really tells alot about u!! …”

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