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‘A Good A– Whoopin!’: ‘LHHATL’ Fans Go Wild After KK Snatches Up Pooh Hick’s Wig for Seemingly Disrespecting Son Scrapp

The “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” reunion was nothing short of drama this week.

A squabble broke out between VH1 veteran Karen “KK” King and her co-star Pooh Hicks after Hicks spoke provocatively about her son Scrapp DeLeon.

The fracas began shortly after Hicks, the supposed wife of mega-music producer Hiriam Hicks, had a verbal dispute with her frenemy Karlie Redd. Throughout the season, the Atlanta socialite claimed Redd had a threesome with her and Hiriam a few years back and defecated on her sheets, an account Redd seemingly admitted to but then denied.

After the women traded endless verbal jabs with each other, reunion host Nina Parker tried to move on with the segment by shining light on KK’s storyline about her son being in prison, but Hicks clearly wasn’t having it.

Pooh Hicks
Pooh Hicks and Karen King. @vh1 screengrab

Parker mentioned that Redd visited DeLeon while he was in prison, and Hicks loudly blurted out, “But they also was f–king.” KK, who was one seat away from the blond bombshell, reached over and yanked Hicks by the hair. Security quickly intervened and escorted the “Artist Factory Studio” host off of the stage. It also looked like Tokyo Vanity wanted a piece of the apparently most disliked cast member as well but was restrained by security.

“LHHATL” viewers had mixed reactions to the entire chaos, but some were extremely happy to see Hicks get dragged.

“Kk did her thing. They should’ve jumped that stupid b–ch 👊🏼oop 🤣.”

“Yasss KK👏👏👏👏👏she need a good ass whoopin. About time someone snitched pooh ugly ass up.”

“🙄 Kk try that s–t face to face n not sneak next time I feel u but ion sneak nan bitch that’s hoe s–t periodt 👌🗣.”

“They too old to still tryna be fighting each other smh have some respect for your kids 🤷🏽‍♀️.”

During an interview with the “Domenick Nati Show,” Hicks claimed the majority of her fellow cast members were jealous of her, which is supposedly the reason why everyone had an issue with her at the reunion. However, she said nothing about pressing charges against KK for apparently assaulting her.

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