Karlie Redd Goes After Che Mack for Exposing Alleged Risqué Past at Engagement Party

Monday night’s episode of “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” was everything up to messy.

Karlie Redd has been trying to avoid any sign of drama since getting engaged to her fiancé Maurice “Mo” Fayne in July, but not everybody is happy for her. Her bestie-now-enemy Pooh Hicks feels Redd slighted her by lying about their alleged threesome with her and her husband Hiriam Hicks, and Pooh came up with a plan to wreck Redd’s engagement party.

Redd hired her co-star Che Mack to DJ at her bridal shower and Mack happens to be close friends with Pooh. Because Pooh felt some type of way about Redd not inviting her to the affair, she convinced Mack to expose her “ultimate secret” at her engagement event.

Karlie Redd
Pooh Hicks (left) and Karlie Redd. (Photos: screen grabs via VH1)

Fast-forward to the night of Redd’s engagement party, and all chaos broke lose. Redd thanked all of her family and friends for coming to her event and supporting her and Fayne’s relationship. However, her happy moment was ruined in a matter of minutes after Mack got on the mic, getting the room’s undivided attention.

“Karlie, I want to use this occasion to expose your ultimate secret,” Mack said, shocking everyone in the room, including Redd and her fiancé Fayne.

Mack continued, “Give it up for Karlie or finding her longtime love life at the age of 45 where she found herself. … I’m holding s–t down for my homegirl Pooh that couldn’t come through tonight. … She talkin about Karlie been eating out of the cookie jar for years!”

Security held back Redd, who tried to throw a shoe at her exposing DJ. Mack was escorted out of the engagement party by security, but not before Redd’s friend Jamaican artist Spice threw her purse at her.

Fans slammed Pooh and Mack for trying to ruin Redd’s affair, siding with the soon-to-be bride.

“Pooh and Che wack for that 🤷🏽‍! This is a prime example of haters who don’t want to see you elevate! Security get them out!”

“Why do her like that? I don’t care how young or old Karlie is. She looks damn GOOD! Pooh and Che they gotta go fire them asap!”

“Pooh you just mad cause she don’t want to be your friend no more lord let it go😳😂.”

“Che Mack so stupid to lose her job over people’s crap. Because you so messy worse than Karlie used to be smh.”

“I don’t really care one way or another for Karlie 🤣 but this one OMG I would NEVER hire her messy ass to Dj. hope she got a day job OKURRRR #messymessymessy.”

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