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‘LHHATL’ Fans Take Sides After Karlie Redd and Pooh’s Daughters Nearly Fight: ‘Keep Your Kids Out of It!’

Tempers flared this week during “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” after Karlie Redd and Pooh Hicks‘ children came seconds away from fighting each other.

For all of season 8, Redd and Hicks have been at each other’s throats after Hicks claimed Redd had a threesome with her and her husband Hiriam Hicks years ago. The “Ferrari Karlie” rapper denied having any sexual relations with the couple and went as far as saying that the supposed rumors have been affecting her daughter Jasmine, whom she tries to keep out of the public eye.

Hicks and Redd’s beef escalated to umpteenth power when both of their daughters got into a heated altercation during a Mother’s Day event hosted by Shekinah Jo Anderson. Redd took the floor and spoke highly of her daughter, saying Hicks’ threesome claims negatively impacted her child. Jasmine apparently took a step back from college after students kept asking about her mother’s alleged escapade with Hicks.

Karlie Redd
(Left) Karlie Redd and her daughter Jasmine. (Right) Pooh Hicks and her daughter Naijee. (Photo: @vh1 screen grabs)

Redd pulled out her lie detector results, which apparently showed Hicks was lying the whole time about their encounter. The scene led to Hicks getting up out of her chair and trying to walk over to Redd while Redd’s daughter Jasmine took off her shoes and tried to bum rush Hicks and her daughter Naijee.

Security eventually intervened between the two parties, escorting Hicks and her daughter from the event. Redd sobbed as she tried to calm her daughter down following the melee.

LHHATL” fans were more so disappointed in both Redd and Hicks’ for dragging their children into their ongoing feud.

“The New York came straight out of Karlie’s daughter. ‘Ma I’m gonna rip her, she talking mad spicy!’ 😂 but nah Karlie and Pooh should be ashamed for dragging their kids in this. Like y ‘all both hurting ya kids at the end of the day 🙄.”

“I cant believe Karlie and Pooh brought their daughters to the lion dens. Right in the line of fire smh. Horrible parents!”

“Karlie’s daughter is SO pretty & I loved how hard she went for her mom ❤ Pooh is so extraaa and so is her damn daughter, I can’t stand them already.”

“Pooh’s daughter had the right to get up! Karlie’s daughter got up first it’s only fair they square up 🤷.”

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