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‘Trick Please!’: ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Fans Furious After Evenita Accuses Van and Charmaine of Sleeping Together

The drama on “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” is clearly never-ending.

It seemed the shop got rid of the tomfoolery after giving Lily Barrios her pink slip last week, but an old face from earlier this season re-emerged and couldn’t wait to stir up some trouble with innuendo and rumors.

Van Johnson‘s former apprentice and ex-fling, Evenita, reappeared on the show during the July 23 episode, and she had a cupful of tea to spill. Since Barrios’ firing from 9MAG, she apparently had more free time to hang out with shop assistant Bella and Evenita, the two employees who came to blows earlier this season. Besides the former apprentice dissing Johnson’s “small” manhood, she claimed he and celebrity concierge Charmaine Walker, who, by the way, returned to the shop after quitting a few episodes ago, had sex while the entire 9MAG Crew was in Las Vegas’ tattoo convention this season.

“OK, all I’m saying is when I was in Vegas, I was in the bathroom, which was connected to Van’s room. I mean, I’m not deaf,” Evenita said in her confessional. “I definitely heard something.”

Van Johnson
(From left) Van Johnson, Charmaine Walker and Evenita. (Photos: @vh1 screen grabs)

She then went on to diss Johnson and Walker, saying, “People say if [the sex is] good, it sounds like [you’re] stirring mac and cheese, right? But it sounded like somebody was stirring an old-ass pot of dry oatmeal or something, just a lot of rubbing. … It didn’t sound appealing, but that’s what I heard.”

Evenita later admitted she was seeking revenge against Johnson and the 9MAG crew for how they treated her.

“I have a legitimate beef with this situation and 9MAG,” she confessed. “Van tried to play me like a week after Vegas. And 9MAG for sure did not treat me with any respect. This is my way to get back at all you motherf—–s who was disrespectful to me, so f–k all y’all and ha ha, I got the last laugh.”

Things however took a turn for the worst against Evenita, after none of the tattoo shop employees believed her rumors about Johnson and Walker. As a matter of fact, the former apprentice was forced to leave the shop’s party she sporadically attended after Johnson’s off -and-on again girlfriend Jenn was moments from laying hands on her.

Black Ink Crew: Chicago” viewers however rooted for Jenn to whip Evenita’s “a-s” and were furious she would spread such hearsay.

“Trick please! 🤨 Don’t nobody believe larabita fake a-ss! If she said that about me all hell would of broke loose. I wish Jenn would of beat her a-s!”

“Her a-s didn’t belong there in the first place. MAG can never have a happy celebration without some asshole crash it. Great job hoe 😌.”

“Talking about she got the last laugh no you didn’t lol you look like a bona fide 🤡 She is mad because van didnt want her.”

“Evenita, Laranita whatever can not come back on the show. Starting drama and rumors for what? Get some new d–k! Jenn should’ve whooped her.”

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