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‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Fans Applaud Van Johnson for Firing Lily Barrios From 9MAG: ‘Thank Heavens!’

It looks like “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star Lily Barrios will no longer be working at the 9MAG tattoo shop due to shop manager Van Johnson firing her for good.

Van Johnson
Lily Barrios and Van Johnson. (Photos: @vh1/@blackinkcrew screen grabs)

Barrios already had a list of explosive confrontations under her belt, and, to make things worse, she got into another heated altercation that affected not only herself, but the entire 9MAG brand. During last week’s episode, the Mexican-American tattoo artist got into a fight with her former co-star Junior Diaz‘s girlfriend Adriana at the Chicago tattoo convention. Both women were recorded duking it out in the middle of the event.

Fast-forward to this week’s episode, and Barrios’ actions became the downfall of the entire 9MAG crew, including brand/shop owner Ryan Henry and shop manager Johnson. It turns out 9MAG is banned from tattooing at the Chicago tattoo convention next year due to Barrios fighting.

“I get a phone call from the Chicago tattoo convention and 9MAG is banned!” Henry yelled. Barrios claimed it wasn’t her fault, which only infuriated Henry even more. “You f–k up my s–t because of that! I thought you would’ve taken more account to this s–t.”

Barrios said she felt like she “didn’t do anything wrong.”

“My name is always in everybody’s mouth,” she said. “I’m doing my job.” She then said she refused to leave 9MAG, adding that the only way she was leaving is when she decides she wants to quit.

Ryan Henry
Ryan Henry and Lily Barrios. (Photos: @vh1/Instagram)

Her remarks didn’t sit too well with shop manager Johnson, who blasted Barrios for her apparent selfish actions.

“She don’t give a f–k about nobody’s feelings except her own,” he said. “You can’t work in here no more, period. Lily, you’re fired.”

Johnson continued in his confessional, “We can’t do this s–t no more. She just got us kicked out of the biggest tattoo convention that there is. Lily is the f–king clown in the shop. It’s time for this f–king horror movie to end.”

Henry seconded Johnson’s decision moments before Barrios despairingly walked out of the shop.

“Black Ink Crew: Chicago” viewers who were seemingly over Barrios’ “toxic” behavior commended Johnson for terminating her from 9MAG.

“Thank heavens! I can’t stand her! Lily is a liability, and NEVER takes responsibility for her actions. Glad to see her go 💯.”

“They should have been let her go!! She disrespectful asf. She been given too many chances smh 🤦🏿‍♂️. Ryan should of had more balls to fire her but good job Van. She’s a liability.”

“They got Ryan so heated he sounded like a angry uncle who tryna steer you on the right path 😂. Lily is always cause problems and being the “TROUBLEMAKER” in 9MAG. I hope she fired for good!”

“It wasnt Lilly’s fault this time, but its time for her to exit… see ya n don’t come back 😤.”

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