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‘We Want Charmaine Back’: ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Fans Cry for Charmaine’s Return After Lily’s Latest Squabble

It seems “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” viewers already miss Charmaine Walker on the show and are hoping 9MAG owner Ryan Henry brings her back and gives Lily Barrios the boot.

Episode 14 was bittersweet when Walker, a longtime 9MAG employee, quit the shop for good after getting into another heated altercation with archenemy Barrios. The Mexican-American tattoo artist pushed Walker to the edge after almost exchanging blows with her fiancé Neek Bey and seemingly remained unapologetic about the incident. When it came time for the 9MAG Crew to apparently fight for Walker to stay, they instead let her walk away from the shop — instead of supposedly having her back — and kept Barrios around the shop.

Lily Barrios
Charmaine Walker (left) and Lily Barrios (right). (Photo: @vh1/Instagram)

Since Walker’s departure from 9MAG, Barrios still managed to find herself in another beef, and this time it was with Junior Diaz‘s girlfriend Adriana. During a teaser for this week’s episode, the 9MAG Crew attended another tattoo convention, this one in their Chicago home city, and things took a turn for the worse.

Barrios, who used to date Diaz, got into a heated argument with his girlfriend, but it’s unclear what sparked it. All viewers witnessed was the Mexican-American artist walking away from Diaz’s girlfriend, calling her a “stupid b–ch,” and Adriana retaliating against Barrios by pulling her hair. The incident led to the two co-stars fighting on the ground at the convention.

Black Ink Crew: Chicago” viewers once again called out Barrios for always being at the center of mess, urging Henry to get rid of her and to hire back Walker.

“Lily too messy for me! She’s always in the middle of some drama 👀 Ryan please get rid of her already and brink back Charmaine!”

“Lily…. AGAIN… And you mean to tell me she’s still not fired. Damn Charmaine ain’t here and the problem still occurring smh. See.”

“And to think they took Lilly side over Charmaine and her she is yet in another fight. We want Charmaine back 🤦.”

“Look at Lily starting s–t again! All she does is fight, please give her the boot already 🙄. I really miss Char Char.”

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