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‘Girl Grow Some Balls!’: Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Fans Slam Charmaine for Not Defending Her Fiancé In Lily Fight

It seems “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” viewers have a bone to pick with cast-mate Charmaine Walker.

Tuesday night’s episode of “Black Ink Chi” shined light on the already pre-existing drama between Walker’s boyfriend Neek Bey and her co-star Lily Barrios. Although Walker and the Mexican-American tattoo artist called a truce after feuding with each other for ages it seems, Barrios apparently still had a few underlying issues with Walker’s fiancé Bey.

During an event for Ryan Henry’s 9MAG brand in Miami, Florida shown amid this week’s episode, Barrios came seconds away from trying to put her hands on Walker’s fiancé. She clearly still had an issue with Bey after they apparently engulfed in a few social media spats while off-air. She claimed the tech entrepreneur was talking trash about her on Instagram after her fight with Walker last season for constantly saying the n-word.

Barrios claimed Bey called her a b–ch while going back and forth online and seemingly already under the influence, decided to confront him about their dispute during the 9MAG Miami event.

Charmaine Walker
Neek Bey, Charmaine Walker and Lily Barrios. @vh1 screengrab

As Bey and Walker were minding their business during the event, Barrios stormed over to them, and blurted out in front of Bey to Walker, “Regardless of what we got going on I don’t want no man to get in between what we got going on. A man should be in a man’s place.”

She then yelled, “Stop talking s–t about me on Instagram! You’re a b–ch! Don’t talk s–t to a mutherf–king female because I will wop you. Keep my name out your mouth!”

During Barrios’ tirade, Walker just sat there the entire time, but eventually stood up to block the tattoo artist out of her fiancé’s face.

“Black Ink Crew: Chicago” viewers felt Walker should’ve did more for Bey’s defense and scolded her for not doing so.

“Charmaine why u let that girl talk to Neek like that? 🙄 Lily clearly went out of her way looking for drama per usual.”

“U think any girl could chat like that to my man in front of me she needs to grow some balls! Really Charmaine!”

“No woman will ever talk to my man like ths & I’m right there. Charmaine crazy! She should have straight beat Lilly ass.”

“Charmaine should have stepped up for her man PeRiOdT!”

“The way lily came off she wanted him to say something saying a man should stay in a man’s place. Granted he didn’t have to say anything but if your gf is Charmaine then u probably won’t feel defended by her 👀 .”

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