‘I Don’t Think He’s the One’: Tamar Braxton’s Video With Boyfriend David Adefeso Derails When Fans Begin Doubting Their Relationship

A fun video of Tamar Braxton partying it up with boyfriend David Adefeso last weekend went left once some fans began changing their tune about their feelings on their romance.

Braxton and Adefeso went to Essence Fest in New Orleans last week and busted a move at one of the local bars as a live singer covered Bruno Mars’ hit “Finesse.”

“Me and my @david.adefeso got our entire lives here at @essence bourbon street will NEVER be the same 💕🥰” Braxton captioned the clip. That footage was followed by a separate video of the couple strolling arm in arm down Bourbon Street.

Initially, fans applauded the couple’s relationship.

“It’s so great to see @tamarbraxton sooo happy😊😁 I definitely see she can be herself in this relationship. Enjoy it & live life to the fullest 💖”

“I Loooove Y’all together!!!!”

“Ya’ll look so fun and carefree Tay, glad you’re happy in love❤️!”

“Get it gurl! I am so happy for the two of you, ain’t nothing like being happy and in love. Stay happy with that man girl, forget the haters: u got one life to live, live it to the fullest! Stay blessed.”

However, the tone switched up when fans decided they weren’t quite certain the duo’s romance was the real deal.

“This dude aint the one tai😣😫”

“I don’t think he is the one, when he made that remark about how he didn’t know she was black!!!! What he mean & what do that say about him? Do he normally date black women? His kind normally don’t care for the black raise, so do your homework girl … But it looks like you already derp into ole boi …”

“Its something fake about him something just aint right … I can’t quite put my finger on it but I can since it 🤔”

Perhaps some fans’ doubts lingered from the time Braxton briefly broke up with her man when they got into a lovers quarrel during a Braxton family outing to Napa Valley in March.

At the time, fans sounded off about Braxton’s admission on “Celebrity Big Brother” that Adefeso previously had not dated Black women.

“When she said he didn’t date black women I was like 😕🤯🏃🏽‍♀️💨 Never ever trust a negro that don’t date black women. It’ll never work if your BLACK 😬 #justsaying Happy she got outta that sitch,” one follower said.

But despite the fans’ response, Braxton later explained to “Entertainment Tonight” that the pair had quickly got back together.

“I was in my feelings, and we broke up for, like, 20 minutes. But now we’re back together, stronger than ever,” she said after noting wine was abundant on the Napa trip.


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