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Vince Herbert Has a Lot More In Common with Tamar Braxton’s New Man Than He May Realize, According to Her ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Admission

Tamar Braxton is sharing a rather stunning confession about what her boyfriend of six months has in common with her soon-to-be ex-husband Vincent Herbert.

While chatting with fellow “Celebrity Big Brother” contestant Lolo Jones, Braxton explained that in her early to mid-20s, lots of men of all races went after her. The star then said that after her 2017 divorce filing from Herbert, with whom she shares a son, she felt like she should give interracial dating another shot. However, she wound up meeting her 40-year-old Nigerian boyfriend — whom she refers to a T’Chella — and they’ve been going strong for the last six months.

“But he didn’t date black women, which is crazy,” Braxton confessed on the CBB live feed Jan. 30. “He did not date black women. It’s like, I’m attracted to men who don’t like black women. Vince neither, remember that? Vince either.”

She added that her current beau only went out with “all white girls or others” before they met over the summer last year.

“I am the prototype!” Braxton sings before exclaiming, “I got that kung fu!” with a laugh.

Yet what she finds humorous is something that doesn’t sit too well with viewers.

“I’d NEVER date a man who doesn’t like his own women.”

“Tamar, that’s a problem! RUN from the new dude!”

“Why would you be proud to date someone who says that? If he says he doesn’t date black women but you’re black you should be offended wth, this is sad. I love tamar but this was just stupid for real. So the both of yall walking around self hating, let me know how that works out🤦‍♀️”

While it may turn some heads to hear that both Braxton’s past and current loves have a preference for white women, reviewing the singer’s past comments about why she wore blond wigs explains why Herbert’s past dating habits shouldn’t be a shocker.

During an appearance on “The Steve Harvey Show” last March, Braxton explained she’s “absolutely” changed herself for a significant other before.

“I believe in being attractive for your mate … I used to have all blond wigs; I have 150,000 of them at my house since I shaved my hair off,” she explained. “They’re all on sale, by the way. Vince likes blond hair, light-faired women. … For me, I just think that’s a responsibility that women have, to stay current for your man.”

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