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‘Check Them MFS!’: Yung Joc Commended by ‘LHHATL’ Fans for Snapping on Exes Who Killed His Relationship

It seems that “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star and rapper Yung Joc has had enough of his exes trying to come in between his relationship with his girlfriend Kendra Robinson.

In a teaser for this week’s episode, the “It’s Going Down” rapper imploded on exes Karlie Redd and Sina and his co-stars Shekinah Anderson and Sharonda, his business partner, after all four of them claimed he was cheating on Robinson with a few hairstylists from his hair salon. The rumors apparently caused quite a rift in his relationship with Robinson, who moved out of their home and cut off all communication with him.

Joc however took matters into his own hands and decided to confront his co-stars at his Atlanta shop Salon Eshelon.

“There’s a lot that’s said about me and I wanna address it,” the rapper said to his four cast mates.

Yung Joc
Yung Joc and (from left to right) Sharonda Webb, Karlie Redd and Shekinah Anderson. (Photos: @VH1 screen grabs)

Anderson was the first to admit she’d started the rumor, but said she’d only repeated what was said by his business partner Sharonda, who also admitted to inciting the rumor. She claimed the Atlanta rapper was constantly flirting with his hairstylists, which he kept denying.

Things took a turn for the worse when exes Redd and Sina kept insinuating he was cheating on Robinson. He stood up and approached Sina, the mother of his twins, and told her to keep his “mutherf–king name out” of her mouth.

“Ya’ll trying to come in between what the f–k I got going on,” he yelled. “Sharonda, I’m sick and tired of yo mutherf–king ass.”

Seconds later, Yung Joc threw a service tray across the room and yelled, “I’m sick and tired of this s–t!”

His explosive behavior was applauded by “LHHATL” fans who commended him for fighting for his relationship.

“That’s right check them mfs! ūüĎŹūüĎŹ This is a man’s reaction to fearing the thought of losing a woman he truly loves.”

“He finally snap and losing his cool and he never snap. They deserved that because all four of em miserable af especially Sina.”

“It’s about time that he snapped.JJoc is so laid back and cool that people take his kindness and comedy for weakness,!As you see Nice people do Snap when pushed to far ūüôĆ you can tell Joc love Kendra.”

“I’m glad he called all four of them together. Sharonda will be gone. Shekinah thanks for speaking up first. Sina mind your business and Karliee just miserable. She tried to get more information, it’s just a shame ūüĎŹūüŹĹūüĎŹūüŹĹ.”

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