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‘She So Miserable’: ‘LHHATL’ Fans Scold Karlie Redd for Trying to Break Up Yung Joc’s Relationship After Side Chick Allegations

It seems that “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Karlie Redd is in hot water.

The 45-year-old reality star is getting dragged for apparently spreading rumors about her ex-boyfriend, rapper Yung Joc, cheating on his now girlfriend Kendra Robinson. In a recent “LHHATL” teaser for this week’s episode, Redd meets up with Sina, the mother of the “It’s Goin Down” rapper’s twins.

In the teaser, Sina, who apparently is looking to stir up drama, met with Joc’s girlfriend Robinson and told her that Redd said he’d been fooling around with the hairstylists and his business partner who work at his hair salon Salon Eshelon in Atlanta.

“Karlie told me Joc is flirting and messing with Sharonda and apparently messing with multiple stylists in the studio,” Sina said.

Karlie Redd
Yung Joc and Karlie Redd. @vh1/screengrabs

Robinson, of course, confronted the Atlanta native about his alleged side chick and cheating before breaking things off with him. Their breakup led to an explosive confrontation between him and Redd, who seemingly denied starting the rumors.

“You opened up a can of worms in my world,” Joc yelled at Redd, who seemed to try to defend herself.

LHHATL” viewers who know Redd for apparently being “messy” slammed her for trying to interfere in Joc’s relationship once again while also faulting Sina for the debacle.

” Sena new Joc was going to propose to Kendra she just fine want to see him happy make her look Desperate 😣.. I don’t like it and Kendra should not let a ex tell her nothing about her man. And if Karlie did tell her that, she’s messy af!”

“Karlie and Sina need they ass whooped for trying to ruin Joc’s relationship! They know he love kendra smh. Damn when KARLIE got man problems she gets MESSY…SMFH….💯”

“She so miserable really Karlie and Sina just adding more fuel to the fire smh she just as bitter if not more than Karlie.”

Other folks defended Redd, saying it was Sina causing trouble.

“Karlie didn’t start that rumor the business partner did 👀 Plz leave Karlie the f— alone, she didn’t start that f–kry, the baby mama doing the most 🙄.”

“Karlie is not the one who is supposed to be blamed she have a conversation with the baby mama baby mama have no reason to go tell this business to the new girlfriend.”

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