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Kandi Burruss’ Frisky Pic With Hubby Todd Tucker Takes a Turn When Daughter Riley Jumps in Comments

If there’s one thing Kandi Burruss is not shy about, it’s expressing her lust for her man. The star of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” channeled her inner “Dungeon Tour” motif when she shared a frisky pic of her with husband Todd Tucker to Instagram Wednesday.

“Put your back into @todd167! 🤣🤣🤣” Burruss captioned an image of her raising her leg as if to wrap it around her spouse, who grabs her heeled gam as the two burst into smiles.

kandi burruss
(Photo: @kandi/Instagram)

The moment had lots of fans giving their praises.

“You both look so young happy and in love! And the melanin POPPIN.”

“Cute pic… 😊😊😊… Love to see us at play…”

“This is what LOVE looks like!!!💓”

“Y’all cute 😂❤️@kandi I love black love nothing can overpower it.”

But things took a bit of a turn once Burruss’ 16-year-old daughter Riley stepped in and remarked, “put your leg down ma’am.”

kandi burruss

Riley’s retort had fans bursting with laughter.

“Tell’er Riley, put it down, lol.”

“Your to funny rileyburruss.”

“😩😂 @rileyburruss.”

The loving moment between the couple came after Tucker touched down back home in Atlanta after visiting Europe with his 23-year-old daughter Kaela Tucker. One headline-making moment occurred when the father-daughter duo visited a strip club in London. Since the method of bonding was out of the ordinary, many fans raised their eyebrows and criticized Burruss’ husband for it. Tucker, however, stepped in to defend the action in a video sent to TMZ.

“Me and my daughter’s been to the strip club before,” he said at the time. “We been to [Atlanta strip club] Magic City, ain’t no big deal. Me and my mom even went to the strip club before. It’s in our genes. My daughter just turned 23. They’re gonna go anyway so why not experience it and have fun with your kids? That’s what we need to do. We need to spend more time with our kids, even if it’s at the strip club.”

However, there’s proof that Riley’s comment may have been the teen’s way of getting back at her stepparent, in a sense.

In April, Riley shared a photo of her posing in a short black dress that resulted in a parental remark from ear ole stepdad.

“You better take that off!” Tucker remarked.

Riley shed 52 pounds last year and has been especially happy to show off her figure in the months ever since.

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