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‘What In the Daddy Day Care?’: Fans Puzzled After Kandi Burruss’ Husband Visits Strip Club With His Daughter

After a family trip with wife Kandi Burruss and the family they share together, Todd Tucker jetted off to Europe to have a daddy-daughter vacation with his 23-year-old daughter Kaela Tucker. But their London adventure was decidedly unconventional.

One activity the duo partook in together was visiting a strip club, a video of which Todd shared to Instagram on June 19.

“@kpt__ watch out for the bootie! Lol!” Todd wrote in the video’s caption while tagging his daughter’s Instagram handle.

The accompanying video saw Kaela standing right in front of a scantily clad dancer as she sipped a beverage.

Todd’s followers were beside themselves when they saw the way the father and daughter decided to spend their time together.

“What in the daddy day care 🤣😂🤣🤷🏾‍♀️”

“This is what you bring your daughter to?? Not cool at all. Yuck.”

“Damn!! Wasn’t there anything else for you and your daughter to do? Yikes! Awkward!!”

“What da hell!!! Gross on all levels.”

“You teaching your daughter to enjoy this behavior 😳😳😳”

“What a great father. What man takes their daughter to the strip club? Maybe a son, but a daughter? 🤔🤔”

For Kaela’s part, she seemed to take everything in stride and simply commented with a series of laughing emoji.

Kandi Burruss

Meanwhile, Todd issued a defense of how he chose to pass the time in England with his only biological daughter.

“Me and my daughter’s been to the strip club before,” he said to TMZ. “We been to [Atlanta strip club] Magic City, ain’t no big deal. Me and my mom even went to the strip club before. It’s in our genes. My daughter just turned 23. They’re gonna go anyway so why not experience it and have fun with your kids? That’s what we need to do. We need to spend more time with our kids, even if it’s at the strip club.”

“I’m sayin’ taking your kids to the strip club is cool, it’s bonding,” he went on. “We throw some ones together. Smack a couple of booties, but it shows that dad is cool so she’s able to have those good conversations with me. Exposure is key … My mom exposed me early so I’m exposing her to London, Paris, and Amsterdam, and the strip club. So she’s seeing the world and she went to the strip club. Not a big deal.”

Todd further reasoned that kids will find out about such things regardless and likened it to kids learning about sex from classmates when their parents wouldn’t give them “the talk.”

“Why not talk to your dad?” he said. “Bonding. Daddy Day Care on a different level.”

After noting his own mother, who has since passed away, gave him the sex talk in elementary school and handed him condoms, Todd espoused the importance of parents discussing the subject with their children.

“Get to know your kids, get to know what their doing,” he concluded before stating he and Kaela will go to the strip club once they’re back home in Atlanta. “And everything doesn’t have to be so… the normal thing. Sometimes you gotta do something out the box with your child to break through and be able to communicate with them in ways you never thought of.”

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@kpt__ watch out for the bootie! Lol!

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