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‘Is That Alex?’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans Toss Questions to Alex After He’s Spotted on Dodgeball Team

It seems “Black Ink Crew” New York fans have a few pending questions for co-star Alex Robinson.

During season 4, the tattoo artist was physically assaulted by the ‘Black Ink’ owner Ceaser Emanuel and his cousin Teddy Ruks after getting into a heated altercation. The fracas supposedly left Robinson with severe tissue damage in his back that left him unable to work sitting down for long periods of time. He apparently also was unable to financially provide for himself, his son and his girlfriend Donna Lombardi.

Alex Robinson
Alex Robinson (left) and Ceaser Emanuel (right). (Photos: @thevaginaslayer__, @ceaseremanuel/Instagram)

Season 5 wholly centered on Robinson’s back injury and his apparent lawsuit against Emanuel seeking physical, emotional and financial damages. But since the show’s season finale in May, Robinson has been seen on vacation and participating in athletic activities that evoked a few fan questions about his back injury.

Sunday evening, the official “Black Ink Crew” Instagram account posted a photo of both “Black Ink” Chicago and New York franchise members joining forces for BET’s 2019 celebrity dodgeball game. Robinson, of course, was among his co-stars, leading fans to wonder if he faked his back injury.

Alex Robinson
(From left) Kevin Laroy, Alex Robinson, Charmaine Walker, Junior Diaz and Donna Lombardi. @blackinkcrew/Instagram

“Is that Alex!? I know Alex not playing with that back 💯.”

“Alex out here suing people but have the nerve to be playing dodgeball Hmmmmmm Ok lol.”

“Alex back must be str8 🤔 how u dodging balls but cry about ur pain? Scamming?🤔.”

“So ur back don’t hurt no more or whatever 🤣😂.”

It’s unclear if whether Robinson actually competed in the dodgeball game or if he was just present for a group photo. There were a few fans who defended him.

“His injury was last year that’s when all the filming was going on . His injury happened in 2018. His back should be fine by now so stop coming for him 🤦🏽.”

“Ya’ll dragging Alex but this was mad long ago lol let it go y’all.”

Folks also wondered about the status of the tattoo artist’s supposed existing lawsuit against Emanuel. However, during the “Black Ink” season finale, Robinson admitted he didn’t care much about the lawsuit money, he just wanted a genuine apology from the “Black Ink” owner.

“All I wanted was a sincere apology from somebody I looked at as my mentor,” said Robinson. “It’s not all about money. … If this man is willing to apologize then I’m willing to accept his apology.”

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