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‘Carmel and Chocolate Twins’: Towanda Braxton and Sister Tamar Look Like a Lot More Than Sisters, According to Fans

Tamar Braxton’s son may not share her face, but, according to fans, her older sister Towanda Braxton does in a newly shared photo.

On Instagram late last week, Towanda posted an April photo to her account with the caption “Me and my Tay-Mee! @tamarbraxton.”

Tamar Braxton
Towanda Braxton (left) and sister Tamar Braxton. (Photo: @itowandabraxton/Instagram)

The sisters posed backstage promoting the second half of “Braxton Family Values” season 6, but it appeared Towanda simply wanted to shout out her younger sis on Friday, June 21.

Fans who caught the image were eager to remark that the sisters, who are three years apart, look like twins.

“Looking like twins.💕💕”

“Twins! Pretty pretty @itowandabraxton @tamarbraxton.”

“Carmel and chocolate twins💞”

“Twins 👯👩🏾‍🦱👩🏼‍🦱❤️”

Among the ups and downs faced by the Braxton family, Towanda and Tamar have a solid relationship. Towanda delightedly shared with her Instagram followers in March that she surprised her youngest sister for her birthday “and it was AMAZING!! Maaaaaaaaaaaan @lalahhathaway sang goosebumps on er’body!! #blessed #ilovemyfamy oh and @tonibraxton hung out for ten minutes! 😛.”

Even still, Towanda can keep it real about her sibling’s less than perfect attitude, however.

Chatting on SiriusXM’s “The Jenny McCarthy Show” in April, Towanda and sister Traci Braxton explained how they’ve dealt with the outbursts that Tamar has come to be known for.

“Tamar’s the baby,” Towanda said. “So everything that happens she calls Mommy and tells Mommy.”

“We wasn’t allowed to hit the baby!” Traci chimed in after host Jenny McCarthy remarked on Tamar’s “an explosive personality.”

“Our parents taught us how to treat Tamar, ” Towanda noted before stating she’s putting a stop to the babying. “I’ve broken it. We’re creating boundaries. You’re not a baby, you’re the youngest. There’s a difference.”

Still, Tamar’s antics have continued to crop up even when it relates to her boyfriend David Adefeso. In the finale of “Braxton Family Values,” Tamar got onto her financial services firm CEO beau about smoking cigars and shooting dice.

“He’s not a reality TV star,” she explained in a confessional of the activities, which she deemed “ghetto.” “He really has real clients and some of his clients conflicts with smoking and him doing it on television is different than doing it in the circumference of somebody’s backyard, period. He doesn’t know that.”

Her sister,  Toni Braxton, told her she ought to lay off her man in so many words. 

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