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Towanda and Traci Braxton Get Real About Tamar’s ‘Explosive Personality’: ‘You’re Not a Baby’

Towanda and Traci Braxton have learned how to deal with Tamar Braxton’s emotional outbursts, but the two say it’s definitely been a process.

Towanda and Traci discussed the matter on SiriusXM’s “The Jenny McCarthy Show” April 11, and they said their youngest sister has been coddled by their mother, Evelyn Braxton.

“Tamar’s the baby,” Towanda explains in the Thursday episode. “So everything that happens she calls Mommy and tells Mommy.”

Host Jenny McCarthy stated Tamar has “an explosive personality,” which Towanda agreed about. Both Traci and Towanda affirmed Evelyn babies Tamar.

“We wasn’t allowed to hit the baby!” Traci exclaims.

“Our parents taught us how to treat Tamar, ” Towanda says before saying she’s put an end to the babying cycle.

“I’ve broken it,” she says. “We’re creating boundaries. You’re not a baby, you’re the youngest. There’s a difference.”

Fans applauded the sisters for putting limits on their youngest sibling.

“Soooo true.”


Tamar has clashed with her siblings throughout the latest season of
Braxton Family Values,” culminating in her getting up and walking out of a family mediation session headed by Iyanla Vanzant. Tamar disclosed on “The Wendy Williams Show” last September that her molestation as a child was brought up, and that’s what led her to leave.

“This is not a typical Tamar meltdown walkout situation,” Tamar said at the time. “I’ve been battling myself on whether or not I want to say really what happened or not because everybody wants you to be political … a lot of things happened in my childhood that I was too afraid to talk about or too ashamed to talk about. But the truth of the matter is that I have been molested by both sides of my family.”

It’s not clear if the “boundaries” Towanda spoke of had any influence, but by the end of 2018, Tamar was looking to turn over a new leaf and mend her relationships with her siblings, beginning withTrina Braxton.

Still, Tamar seemed to regress when she got upset about Trina getting engaged as the Braxtons celebrated Tamar’s birthday in Napa Valley last month.

Tamar was forced to apologize after getting heat from fans for her actions.

“It’s ungrateful and juvenile to undermine the fact that you two amazing people found true love and deserve each other and all the happiness in the world💕 I love u both so much and congratulations, 🎈🎊🍾” Tamar said in part.

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