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‘Did You Get Permission?’ Tamar Braxton’s Boyfriend Going to Shooting Range Results In Jabs from Fans

In an effort to bond with a client, Tamar Braxton’s boyfriend David Adefeso recently visited a shooting range in Fort Worth, Texas. But the effort had fans throwing shade at his girlfriend over her apparent penchant for controlling what he does.

Adefeso, the CEO of a financial services firm, shared his controlled shootout moment on Instagram June 17.

“Went to the range with a client in Fort Worth. First time ever firing a fully-automatic military-grade rifle and a Rambo-style shotgun. Whoaaaah!! Shotgun really kicked my ass😫😫🤣🤣,” he captioned the videos.

The Nigerian Harvard MBA seemed perfectly unfazed as he fired off rounds from the rifle and shotgun, taking tips from the instructor.

Braxton herself seemed impressed as she commented, “🤤Jesus o. The mainline you so sexy yummy Yemi 💕💕💦.”

However, the comment led to a shady comment from someone who remarked, “@tamarbraxton Is this activity Tamar approved??? 🤣🤣🤣 Sike nah, love you two.”

And there was more where that came from.

“Ohhh 😯 Did you get permission from Tamar.”

“Good to see you doing something that’s not controlled by @tamarbraxton.”

“Imagine Tamar being there😩🤣🤣🤣 sis would be like oh hell no get away from me with this💀.”

“Did u ask @tamarbraxton first lol jp.”

“He can fire a weapon, but couldnt smoke a cigar because it would tarnish his brand/image. 🤔🤔🤔”

The last comment gives insight as to why fans brought up Adefeso getting permission from Braxton to partake in this activity.

During the final episode of “Braxton Family Values,” the singer took issue with Adefeso taking part in cigar smoking with her sisters’ significant others during a group trip to Napa Valley.

“David don’t smoke no way, ” she exclaimed in front of the group. “Nor are you gonna smoke, thank you Jesus.”

Explaining in a confessional scene, Braxton said her man “has a really lucrative business. He’s not a reality TV star. He really has real clients and some of his clients conflicts with smoking and him doing it on television is different than doing it in the circumference of somebody’s backyard, period. He doesn’t know that.”

Later deeming the act of smoking a cigar “ghetto,” she made a similar assumption when Adefeso shared he was shooting dice with the fellas.

“You can’t do that,” she told her beau of a year. “That’s ghetto.”

It got to where her sister Toni Braxton gave some tough love about how her youngest sister should treat her man.

“You can’t fuss at him,” she said. “I know it wasn’t malicious and it wasn’t on purpose. You was being protective of him. But you have to be protective of the man in him.”

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