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‘Twirl On!’ Kenya Moore’s 180 Attitude Shift and Happily Ever After Manages to Win Over Non-Fans

Kenya Moore is living her best life as a mom and wife. While the former reality TV star may have ruffled feathers on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” finally getting the family she’s always longed for is making some of her former critics turn over a new leaf.

The “RHOA” alum visited the “Dee Dee In the Morning” radio show last week to promote her hair care line but also discussed how things started looking up in her love life.

She said after she and now-husband Marc Daly first met in January 2017, she called pal Cynthia Bailey and told her he was the one.

“‘I don’t know what just happened, but I just met my husband,'” she recalls telling her former co-star. “I didn’t ever think I was gonna be that girl that was able to say that … I just knew. I was vulnerable with him. I came scrub-faced, I didn’t have on tight clothes. … I want him to see me. And if that’s not good enough, that’s OK.”

But it was, in fact, good enough.

Moore said six months later the two married in a secret ceremony on the island of St. Lucia. Not long afterward, the couple began exploring fertility treatments to start their family. Moore became pregnant in the spring of 2018 and welcomed their daughter, Brooklyn Doris Daly, that November.

Now, the 6-month-old is teething, which may be just as hard for mom as it is for Brooklyn.

“She’s such a sweet, happy baby, and to see her lip quivering and real tears come out, it just breaks your heart as a mother,” Moore says.

The experience is something she treasures and is one that lets other women know “it’s never too late,” she says.

That, combined with the star’s apparently lighter attitude nowadays, has spurred folks who were previously non-fans of Moore to see her in a new light.

“Has never been my favorite! Glad she’s happy ! Twirl on !”

“She was not my favorite but I am sooooooo happy for her!!!! She is beautiful and she got what she always wanted!!! That smile on her face is soooooo different than any other smile I seen on her!!! Congrats Kenya be the mom you deserved as a child!”

“Kenya isn’t my favorite on the show, although she should come back lol, but I am genuinely happy for her and her love story ❤️”

“And it’s so good to see Kenya in mommy mode. She had such a bad attitude in the show and now she has what she really wanted.”

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