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‘Say Hi!’: Kenya Moore’s Baby Girl Shows Off Smarts Once More

Kenya Moore’s baby has done it again! After showing how Brooklyn Doris Daly could hold her own bottle, the 4-month-old recently showed off her daughter’s speaking skills.

Moore uploaded a cute clip to her Instagram page Wednesday of the youngster lying on her tummy and babbling. Brooklyn’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum mom helped prop the baby up as she encouraged her to say “hi.”

“I know you heard @thebrooklyndaly say 👋 #brooklyndaly #4monthsold #babydaly,” Moore captioned the March 6 video.

Indeed, fans did hear the greeting and expressed amazement in the comments section.

“So cute !! I heard the ‘hi’ !! Wow amazing 😂❤️🙌🏽🙏🏽”

“Omg the cutest baby woooow omg.”

“😲 well hi there!😍😄”

“She’s amazing!! Beautiful.”

“Too cute, she was trying…but she wanted to sound just like her mommy.”

This is the second time on the same day that Moore bragged on her baby girl’s impressive skills. The star, who shares Brooklyn with her restaurateur husband Marc Daly, uploaded a pic to the baby’s official Instagram account showing her holding her own bottle.

“Yep 4 months and trying to hold my own bottle. 👶🏽” read the caption on the photo.

Just as stunned as they were about the “hi,” fans were also wowed by Brooklyn’s early motor skills, as babies typically don’t start holding the bottle for themselves until they’re 6 months old or older.

While Brooklyn is ahead of the game in that department, she’s right on time when it comes to cooing and babbling. reported coos start occurring when babies are 2 to 3 months old, while babbling begins at around 4 months old.

“Babbling is an important milestone because it represents the beginning of real communication, when a baby starts experimenting with sounds, listening for a reaction, responding, and building social relationships,” speech-language pathologist Sherry Artemenko told Parents. She also noted that parents should use proper words when speaking to and reading to their babies to foster positive language development.

It’s not clear if the “hi” at the end of Brooklyn’s video was her first word, but the website also reported that babies typically utter their first word by 6 to 7 months. That’s when babbles begin to sound more like usual speech.

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