‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Fans Slam Ryan Henry for Rehiring ‘Troublemaker’ Lily Barrios: ‘Ryan Is Full of It!’

It seems “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star Ryan Henry is in the hot seat this week.

The 9MAG show owner received a great deal of flak from viewers this week after rehiring controversial tattoo artist Lily Barrios during the series’ latest episode.

Henry really shook things up this season after leaving the original 9MAG crew behind at his old shop to open a second location with a completely different staff. Both stores are under 9MAG, but there seems to be a huge difference in how the shops are being run, especially since he left his longtime friend and sometime foe Van Johnson in charge of the original shop.

The 9MAG owner’s purpose in opening a second shop was to expand and operate with a new team, after the original staff members seemingly had problems with how he ran things. He also made it clear there would be no drinking, fighting or any other tomfoolery at the new shop.

Ryan Henry
Ryan Henry and Lily Barrios. (Photos: @vh1/Instagram)

Which brought viewers to their first question of why he would rehire former employee Lily Barrios. Earlier this season, the Mexican-American tattoo artist quit 9MAG after her co-workers scolded her for continuously spewing the slur “nigga.” Her excuse was she “grew up” saying the derogatory term and apparently didn’t see the issue with it.

Over the past few seasons of the show, Barrios continually has been at the center of controversy. She’s gotten into fights with several co-workers and even challenged Henry when he tried to enforce a no drinking and partying policy at the old shop. All of these incidents lead to viewers’ issue with Henry giving the tattoo artist an opportunity to work at his new shop.

After supposedly ending her employment with 9MAG for good, Barrios pleaded with Henry for her job back during this week episode. She sat in front of the shop owner and begged Henry for another chance to work at his new shop.

“I wanna be a part of a team,” Barrios said. “I just hope for a chance.”

Henry blasted the tattoo artist for her past behavior, then relented and gave her back a job moments later. He did, however, warn her that she’d be fired if she caused any new trouble.

“Black Ink Crew” viewers took issue with Henry’s decision, slamming him for hiring back the person who apparently caused the most drama in the shop.

“Im done! 🤷🏽‍♀️ @ryanhenrytattoo for you to hire this whack a– bih back you just lost a viewer cause she is a racist! Shame on u Ryan!”

“Ryan is so full of it! Lily is the main troublemaker on the show n he hires her back?! Wow ryan!”

“WTF is Ryan doing i’m no longer watching this if he hires her back 👎💯.”

“Wow tht Ryan changed boy money don’t change everyone but it deff changed him dead ass I cant belief he hire her back smh 🙄.”

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