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‘Black Ink’ Lily Barrios Remains Unapologetic Over ‘N-word’ Use and Fans Drag Her on Instagram

Fans weren’t too thrilled with “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star Lily Barrios after she said the “n-word” on Thursday night’s episode.

VH1 viewers were already fed up with Barrios last night after she tried to instigate a fight between Charmaine Walker and Ashley Brumfield. However, the two women brushed off Barrios’ claims and colleagues from “Loyal Ink” began attacking the tattoo artist for being “messy.”

Lily Barrios

(photo credit: Lily’s Instagram)

Barrios and her co-worker Reese were fed up with the drama and decided to quit “Loyal Ink.” However, as both ladies were leaving the tattoo shop, Barrios said in her confessional,” All these niggas can suck my d**k.”

Following Thursday’s episode, Barrios posted a photo of herself in a garbage can and wrote, “I’m trash. I know 😊.” Nevertheless, fans were more concerned with the artist saying the n-word so freely and blasted Barrios in the comments.

“Stop saying the word nigga. Your not BLACK. Stop trying to play on the other side,” one fan wrote.

Another person asked, “Why do you feel so comfortable to call people a nigga.”

Barrios responded to fans and said, “Because I grew up that way. And it was never an offense to race. This generation is nothing but p-ssies.”

The “Black Ink” star’s comment just infuriated fans more and they began dragging Barrios all over again.

“It’s Disrespectful, Toxic and I choose to respect and Treat People as I want to be treated.”

“I guess I’ll go around calling people wetbacks and spics for shits and giggles since you feel so comfortable using a Black word.”

One person added, “You are a racist. The first thing that came out of your mouth when you got mad with a predominately African American group of people is the N-word. Your use of the N-word towards a group of people is deeply offensive. You don’t know anything about the history, pain, and sacrifice that Black people have endured and have not right to ever utter that word.”

Barrios is still scheduled to appear on next episode, but she seems unapologetic about using the offensive language.

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