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‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Massive Brawl in Jamaica Had Twitter on Fire

Tension has been brewing between ‘9 MAG’ and ‘Loyal Ink’ all season and the two tattoo shops went toe-to-toe.

During Wednesday night’s episode of “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” the original cast-members faced off with each other while visiting cast-member Phor Everim in Jamaica. Tattoo artist Junior initiated the fight by pouring beer into the street and said, “That’s ‘Loyal Ink’ right there.” The “9MAG” employee was already fired up after his ex-girlfriend Lily was talking negatively about his new partner. He also appeared to be a little tipsy.

Black Ink Crew Chicago

(photo credit: VH1 screenshot)

The moment Junior motioned towards “Loyal Ink” in a disrespectful manner, it was immediate chaos. Lily charged her ex-boyfriend and his girlfriend with a drink. Security quickly intervened before the “Loyal Ink” worker and Junior’s girlfriend began fighting.

However, Junior took his shirt off and began walking towards Lily in a threatening demeanor. Reese, another tattoo artist at “Loyal Ink” started arguing with Junior, but his former colleague Don Brumfield placed him in a headlock. The incident completely spiraled out of control.

Ryan Henry tried to calm Junior down, but producers decided it was best he stayed at another hotel. The Latin tattoo artist was highly upset and tried to fight the VH1 security guard. The film crew eventually escorted him off of the premises.

Viewers and fans absolutely lit social media on fire and couldn’t stop buzzing about the anarchic episode.

“Junior was wrong on SO many levels! Pulling hair was a b**ch move and is considered putting hands on a woman. If they would’ve let him go, it would’ve proven what type of MALE he really is! NO EXCUSE! DON should’ve choked the shhhhhh out of him,” one viewer wrote.

Another added, “I’m confused is Don trying to help or choke Junior.”

“This is Lily fault I can’t stand her.”

“If anything Phor should have went over and greeted his brother, f**k everybody else.”

“Did JR really pull on Don’s beard ? Like what is he use to fighting females?😩”

One Twitter user wrote, “Wow they acted like a bunch of drunk wild untamed animals 😬.”

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