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‘Get Em Tok!’: Tokyo Vanity Throws Verbal Jab at a Fan Who Comes for Her Appearance

If there’s one thing “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Tokyo Vanity is known for, it’s her witty comebacks.

The reality star frequently deals with hate from social media trolls who feel the need to bash her appearance. Instead of letting the negative comments affect her, she chooses to return the same energy.

Vanity took to her Instagram feed this week with a video of herself seemingly twerking to New Orleans bounce music and showing off her curves. She added in her caption, “A Baby this bad, gotta have a daddy 😂.”

Tokyo Vanity
Tokyo Vanity. @tokyoxvanity/Instagram

Fans showered the post with compliments.

“Ok then boo YASSSSSSS 😍 u looking good sis! Pretty girls rock , I love me some Tokyo.”

“Killin em with that Yellow gurl!!💛 Okay Tokyo baby icu tryna slim down u look good 😍.”

One detractor, on the other hand, commented on the “That’s My Best Friend” rapper’s health, writing, “Heart disease ain’t cute.”

Moments later, the celeb viciously hit back, “Neither is your son.”

Tokyo Vanity

Her response triggered a second wave of responses.

“@tokyoxvanity you look good baby girl keep grinding 💋 f–k the damn haters let this damn gurl live her life 🙄.”

“Clapback on the lady not her child Tokyo that was classless of you!”

“The fan is correct…. @tokyoxvanity stay dodging the truth and getting mad when confronted about her morbid obesity. Stop lying to her and telling her she’s beautiful and fine just the way she is. She is too big!”

“🤣🤣 Get em Tok! she did not come to play lmaooo. You actually look like you dropped some lbs @tokyoxvanity, regardless your confidence is amazing and you are beautiful 😘!”

This season on “LHHATL,” Vanity got into a heated argument with her good friend Sierra Gates after the hairstylist expressed concern about Vanity’s health. The pair eventually made up off camera, and Vanity apologized to her friend for her part in their verbal altercation.

“Dear SIERRA GATES I want to sincerely apologize to you. … I truly appreciate you being there and wanting what’s best for me,” she wrote.

The 24-year-old artist became a fan favorite last year and seemingly inspired other plus-size women like herself to feel confident. She also made it clear that she’s quite confident in her outer appearance.

“I’ve spent 24 years of my life becoming accustomed and liking the person I am just to get around mother f-ckers in this industry, mother f-ckers who around me, who want to change me and change everything about me,” she said.

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