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LHHATL Tokyo Vanity Gets Emotional Following Heartfelt Messages from Fans

One of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”‘s favorite reality star Tokyo Vanity shared a heartfelt social media post expressing her gratitude towards her supporters.

The breakout star posted a written message on Instagram that read, “I told ya’ll when when ever I got on TV I was gonna inspire and set an example… These messages touched me cause it showed me I didn’t fail.”

Tokyo has become a fan favorite among LHHATL viewers and the star took the time out to thank her followers. She wrote, “Love y’all so much thanks for loving me … helping me love me, and motivating me to help you love you 🖤.”

The “BAPS” rapper also posted screenshots of several fans who messaged her about being an “inspiration” and role models for young girls. One fan wrote, “Girl… I watched you on LHH the part where you spoke to the girls were brief but it spoke to me cause I battle with myself and I’m in the process with learning to embrace myself… Big ups to you.”

Another supporter thanked Tokyo for helping her to to embrace her body and said she’s been struggling with her weight since giving birth to her son.

Social media users instantly chimed in under the comments and praised the reality star for being her genuine self on VH1 and showcasing her positivity.

One LHHATL viewer wrote, “Tokyo I’m so glad that reality TV didn’t change you. You were honest & kept it 100 at all times.❤”

On Monday’s episode of “Love and Hip Hop” Tokyo spoke a crowd of women on body confidence and self-esteem. She talked about the struggles she’s faced a plus-size woman and shared her story about her battling insecurities and low self-esteem. She told the crowd, “You will never in your life get a chance to be nobody else but the person you are, either you learn to love that person or be miserable for the rest of your life.”

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