Tokyo Vanity Apologizes to ‘LHHATL’ Co-Star Sierra After Their Big Blowup About Vanity’s Weight

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” viewers were heartbroken after witnessing Tokyo Vanity and her bestie Sierra Gates at odds this season.

Their feud began with Gates’ remarks about Vanity’s weight. The Atlanta hairstylist expressed that she was concerned about her friend’s health and urged Vanity to lose weight. However, the “That’s My Best Friend” rapper seemingly took offense to her friend’s approach and accused Gates of “lying on a table” to achieve her slim physique. It soon became a back-and-forth of insinuating messages toward each other until Vanity apologized for throwing jabs at her friend.

“Hey @sierra_glamshop_ I love you and I’m sorry friend,” the 24-year-old on Saturday, before sharing a long post apologizing to Gates.

“Dear SIERRA GATES I want to sincerely apologize to you if I hurt your feelings,” she continued. “I truly appreciate you being there and wanting what’s best for me. Idgaf about a show, a hoe or anything else. … Though you had a tummy tuck yrs ago after your Bby, Yes I did witness you get in the gym and lose weight and work your butt off. … I’m a real b–ch and firm believe in ‘if I hurt your feelings in public, I can apologize to you in public.’ I love you from the bottom of my heart.”

Gates responded underneath Vanity’s post, “Awwwww sister I love you I can never stay mad at youuuuuu. Omgggg.”

The New Orleans native’s post also triggered a slew of responses from fans.

“Grown women s–t! ❤️❤️🙌🏽🙌🏽 Gotta hold on to your real friends. They hard to come by!”

“Thats whats up @tokyovanity…A real friend indeed❤️ This is friendship and sisterhood, that other stuff y’all got is cotton candy 🗣 #fightmeboutit.”

“That’s real grown up Toky… she love you more. It take a real one to admit when they feeling take flight.😘.”

“I still feel like Tokyo was being petty but at least she apologized 🤷🏽‍♀️.”

Tokyo Vanity
Tokyo Vanity and Sierra Gates. (Photos: @tokyoxvanity screenshot/Instagram, @sierraglamshop screenshot/Instagram)

During episode 5, Gates became upset with Vanity after the rap star made a quick exit from their gym session. She paid a visit to the 24-year-old’s house and accused her of not taking her fitness journey seriously. Gates seemed to be coming from good place, revealing that she was diabetic at one point and lost 60 pounds to avert certain diseases like heart disease and diabetes. She claimed she only wanted to help Vanity do the same for the sake of living longer.

However, the hairstylist’s pushy approach didn’t sit too well with Vanity and led to a slight physical altercation and heated argument. The “That’s My Best Friend” artist said some things out of anger about Gates, including remarks about her having a supposed “tummy tuck.”

“I don’t want to hear nothing about weight loss from somebody who laid on a table,” Vanity said, adding in her confessional, “I’ve spent 24 years of my life becoming accustomed and liking the person I am just to get around mother f-ckers in this industry, mother f-ckers who around me, who want to change me and change everything about me.”
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